Wardrobe Interiors

The apartment doesn’t give us a lot of room for wardrobes, but I managed to fit one in each bedroom with the help of the Ikea Pax system.

Bedroom #2. Main clothing wardrobe for both of us with (not yet added) high gloss white sliding doors

Main wardrobe

Clothing + linens (top shelf) added (+ a view of my untidy desk!) The shelves are very deep and I can fit my (2) handbags at the back of a shelf. Most of my clothes are folded. There’s 75cm of hanging space for M’s work shirts and suits + my (2) coats and (4) trousers. Then we have two baskets each for underwear.


Bedroom #1 – The golf and luggage wardrobe!

We needed a space to store M’s golf clubs, golf clothing and luggage and a wardrobe seemed the easiest solution. The large suitcase contains another cabin suitcase + all of our travel items. I also slipped the ironing board in here!


Mirrored doors to save space

Wardrobe Mirror

I hope you don’t mind me sharing everything as I go along. It’s really helping my thought process as we continue to adapt to our much smaller home.


  1. says

    Ooh, so exciting. It all looks lovely so far. Sorry I haven’t commented in so long (laptop died, phone would let me read but not leave comments anywhere etc etc) but really excited for you about being mortgage free!

    • says

      That shelf contains all our linens (not in use). I have our spare fitted bed sheets x 2 rolled up behind the towels

  2. says

    Nice work! I love these posts, so keep sharing! Did you mean the mirror doors make it seem like more space – cause I noticed they own outwards, rather slide (my preference) but it does take some extra space.

    I’m so impressed by how little you have!

    • AlwaysHappy says

      Oh wow! I now have serious wardrobe envy!! You have done such a fabulous job already and those wardrobes are perfect for the space. I have a triple wardrobe, a hanging rail, and 8 drawers to myself – though am starting my decluttering journey and trying only to make thought out purchases from now on.

      • says

        Thank you! I’m just hoping this amount of wardrobe storage will work for us in the long run.
        Good luck with your decluttering journey. Do you have a blog?

    • says

      Sorry Sarah I wasn’t too clear. In our old house we had a standing mirror – not sure that I ever showed it – that we have since passed on. The doors although not sliding save us a little floor space.