Under The Sink

Back in August I promised you an ‘under the sink’ exposure (Small Kitchens….a follow up) and here it is….

I’m not perfect when it comes to using all natural products but I’m getting there. The only thing missing from this picture is white vinegar – I’ve run out and need to buy a new 5 litre container. I have a few Mrs Meyer’s products, courtesy of my Mum, but in general I use baking soda, soda crystals and vinegar for a lot of my cleaning.

*For washing up I use watered down washing up liquid

*For washing clothes I use one tablet and a small amount of vinegar per wash

*For drains and plug holes I sloosh with soda crystals and boiling water

*For stain removal I use either soda crystals or baking soda

*For general bathroom cleaning I use a vinegar and water mix

The storage tubs are a great idea to keep everything contained and easy to get at. Old washing powder scoops, kept in the tubs too, serve as spoons. Nice and simple.


  1. savingfortravel says:


    I am using up my toiletries at the mo. It’s going well but there is so much to use.

    Sft x

  2. I like to decant products too – I prefer not to be bombarded with advertising. Great organisation :)

    • Thank you! It’s somuch easier to get the products out of the tubs than small boxes or bags they come in.

  3. Jealous! lol!! I think I need to reorganize my bathroom this weekend!

  4. Great system, no clutter!

  5. Hi! I just found your blog, a little by accident. I’m Portuguese (living in Portugal), so your desire to move to Portugal certainly caught my attention :P Where do you intend to live?
    I live close to Aveiro, which is a lovely city near the ocean. You will certainly be very welcome in my country!
    I’ll be exploring your blog ;)

    • Hi Mopsa and thank you for saying hello!

      We hope to live on the Lisboa coast eventually – at the moment it seems a long way off.

  6. wish my under sink were as organized, one day maybe!!!


  7. We’ve gone simple and natural here too. Just discovered that plain old club soda makes a terrific glass cleaner (and is great for cocktails as well ;-) ), and olive oil with a few drops of lemon juice is a wonderful wood polish.

    • I have a great book (The Naturally Clean Home) which has a lot of great recipes in it.

  8. I haven’t got to under my sink yet – but I will know where to come to remind me exactly what simple looks like! I usually use natural products but when clearing out my mum-in-laws house last year I inherited all her cleaning products (things like Cif and Flash). I have just about used them all up now as I could not bear to put them all in the bin and waste them either!
    Bi-carbonate of Soda has become quite expensive since being advertised by people like Kim and Aggie – I have been using it since the seventies and the big boxes I once got from Boots are no more. I now get the pots from Sainsbury’s (from the Pharmacy not the Baking section) but they keep shrinking too! Boots used to be packaged in a recyclable cardboard box whereas Sainsbury’s come in plastic tubs – not quite as green – so I try and re-use the tubs for other things.

    • I bought my last bicarb from Amazon but it was expensive. I need to start looking around to find cheaper.