Ten Goals for 2013

2013 goals

In a quest to simplify things (even further) in 2013, I’ve deliberately kept my goals to a manageable ten…….my to-do list is another matter, but for my main hopes, achieving these ten things is the goal :)

  1. Reduce our mortgage debt by at least £25,000
  2. Save at least £4,500 for travel
  3. Increase our cash savings by at least £2,200
  4. Make at least £2,500 over and above our regular income
  5. Spend no more than £2,000 on groceries
  6. Go someplace new abroad
  7. Go someplace new home
  8. Complete 5 Life List goals
  9. Lose 24lbs
  10. Fully complete all 3 bedrooms

What are your main hopes for 2013?


  1. says

    you know I always read your goal lists and swear I am going to make my own list………as yet no lists for me. I need to concentrate on keeping our heads above water and pay off the mortgage so we can breath a bit easier!!


  2. Judy says

    Great list! You always do have good lists :)
    For me I am focussing on paying off my credit card (one and only debt) – I seem to have had credit card debt at some level for my whole adult life. I would like it gone but I want it to stay gone. So that is my main focus for 2013. Other than that, oh and losing weight before my trip to Paris in September, I don’t have any other goals. I’ll be working on my list after Christmas :)
    Judy xx

  3. says

    Hi Laura: just tried to get to nms but the link takes me to an error page. Has your link changed? I’d like to update my blogroll if it has…just leave me a comment…thanks!