Sunday Night Chit Chat

Joining in with Carla for Sunday night chit-chat…..

What are you?

  • Reading: I’ve just started reading Made From Scratch by Jenna Woginrich – so far I love it!
  • Watching: I’m half watching the NFL playoff game between Washington & Seattle
  • Listening: I’m half listening to the football while catching up with my blog reading
  • Baking/Cooking: We ate Baked Salmon & Veggies earlier in the evening
  • Happy you accomplished this week: I’m happy to have cleared away all the holiday decorations (and cleaned the living room from top to bottom). I’ve also started a de-cluttering project.
  • Looking forward to next week: A nice simple week.

Bonus Question: What is the minimum amount you feel comfortable with sitting in your bank account/piggy bank? I feel comfortable with a rolling balance of £500 – just enough to cover a mini emergency.

Thanks to Carla for hosting :)


  1. says

    The book sounds interesting! I’ll have to peek at your link! :) I’m with you on the clean living room & decluttering!! Makes me happy!!

  2. Denise says

    reading…..just the Toronto Star at the moment….and my YogaJournal magazine
    watching…..half heartedly watching 4 weddings Canada
    listening…earlier I was listening to Pink’s new music
    baking/cooking…I made this amazing quinoa/lime/blackbean/tomato salad…mmmmmm and had a veggie burger LOVE this kinda eating…..also eating chocolate chip cookies I made and the kids are not eating.
    Happy I accomplished……all christmas stuff is away and the house is clean….ahhhhh hate clutter and I shouldn’t call it clutter but it feels like clutter. I am a minimalist for sure.
    Looking forward to….back to swimming tomorrow morning at 6am… twice a week masters swim which I cannot live without….well cannot live happily without my pool time. I would love to be in a smaller bathing suit but I go anyhow!!

  3. says

    Another first-time chit-chatter here. I’m a big fan of the Cold Antler Farm blog (and really kind of wish it was near me so I could visit :) ), good to hear that the book is interesting, it’s one I’ve been meaning to look into getting for a while.

  4. Kristina says

    Reading: The End of Your Life Book Club….such a touching book!
    Watching: We, too, watched the NFL game.
    Listening: Currently obsessed with Sirius alternative rock station (The Cure, Psychedelic Furs, etc.) lol
    Baking/Cooking: I’m going to grill hamburgers and make baked macaroni for supper as we sit down to watch Notre Dame and Alabama play for the BCS championship.
    Looking Forward To: Getting more decluttering done and maybe finish our office reorganization. ;)