Simplifying Priorities This Spring


Simplifying is an ongoing process that requires a little attention every now and again. And so I’m taking a break from painting our dining room to focus on the thoughts and questions currently floating around in my head.

House Repairs:
+ What needs doing?
+ What can we do ourselves?
+ How much do we need to budget?
+ When can we get it done?

+ What can we cut?
+ Are we getting full value from a cost?
+ Can we improve any processes?

Websites: (because my online world needs simplifying too)
+ What can I do to speed up my sites?
+ What plug-in’s are unnecessary?
+ What can I do to streamline my blogging process?

Everything always seems much better when you make a list!

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    I like this post – my time is getting over-committed and I need to streamline. Rather than give up personal time and fun activities, I would rather streamline some “functional” things like housework or finances – maybe I could do less in those areas, or “work smarter.”

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    I love the svelt list you’ve come up with. I easily get overwhelmed with the twenty odd things I always have floating around in my mental to do list. Maybe just coming up with a few lists of three is a better way to go.

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    “Everything always seems much better when you make a list!”

    I’m going to print that out and tape it to the front of my refrigerator!

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    It’s good to take a break and step back. I should heed this comment myself – I find that we are undertaking more and more projects – we have even thought about getting a large white board to log the progress, as we go from one to the other and keep losing the plot!
    We are hopefully going to get a grip this weekend with a new list – I am not sure it will simplify anything we are attempting to do but it will make me feel more in control LOL
    Good luck with answering your questions!

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    Oh I think simplfying is just endless, isn’t it?

    I’m always ‘rearranging’ my blog bookmarks, from ‘daily read’ to ‘once a week reads’ as people up and down their interest to me, or their posting schedule. And eventually, you make the ‘cut’ of some! Likewise, I’ve really reduced my facebook browsing. Seems to be fine!

    I really respect your financial streamlining – I tend to let that go due to the way I budget (which is ‘savings targets’ in a number of areas, then paying fixed bills, and then being relaxed with everything beyond that). I could really ‘up’ my savings targets, to tighten my ‘incidental’ expenses – things like a foam roller for my exercise. Nice to have, but could easily have not bought it! I’m pretty good at not buying ‘nibblies’ though I do get a few coffees. There’s little impulse clothing purchases, but I let myself get hardware items or fitness items with no real restraint!!

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      Blog reading can get out of control if you let it. I can’t even imagine the amount of times I’ve fell into the blog rabbit hole. Right now I can’t keep up with two sites and my commenting – I’m reading, but not leaving a comment,…..which I hate to do! Such an insignificant problem to have in the scheme of things (lol), but I get so much enjoyment from blogging and my blog friends I really wouldn’t want to give it up. I just need to streamline my process a little.
      I think I stay in control of our budget/finances so much because I’m getting close to the finish line (as such)
      If you’re happy with how your finances are run (and you should be – from what I can tell you do an amazing job), and don’t want to retire in 10 years (lol), then I see no problem with your system. :)
      Me, I’m only six years (insert horror!) away from being able to take my pension fund (early of course!), so I’m a budget ninja ;)

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        Not Horror – amazement, and totally understandable that you’d be gazelle like focused with such a great goal at the end of the six years!! After commenting here, I modified my spreadsheet so I calculate my net worth % growth (or fall) each month, so that’ll help me clearly see which way things are heading at a more granular level. Such a nerd :p