Selling to downsize (and hopefully move abroad)

I have no idea how this is all going to pan out, but for now I’m just concentrating on getting our home ready to sell – if it doesn’t sell then at least it’ll be ready to rent out. Either way we’re moving to a smaller home, somewhere :)

I’ve started with a complete list of house to do’s.  Some major, some just small snagging items. The updated list can also be found here.

  • Empty shed
  • Remove shed and replace with storage unit
  • Clear garden
  • Replace back door step
  • Box in meter
  • Box in pipes breakfast room
  • Replace under stairs cupboard door frame
  • Re grout kitchen tiles around hob
  • Replace small window dining room
  • Replace breakfast room window
  • Clean hall tiles
  • Repair under bedroom window
  • Repair bay ceiling 
  • Paint throughout (except lounge)
  • Replace upstairs carpet
  • Replace pantry (scheduled for August)
  • Replace back door
  • Replace dishwasher (this week)
  • Replace light fittings bathroom
  • Cement wall post back on
  • Remove large bushes x 2
  • Tidy up front and side (kerb appeal)

This morning I’ve taken out the broken dishwasher ready for the new one to be installed, and yesterday I started the repair to the lounge bay window. We had new window treatments installed when we bought our new sofa’s and the old fittings had left a mess – you can’t see it now but the bay was full of holes and bright red rawlplugs. It wasn’t a big job, just one of those things I kept putting off. A bit of sanding and a new coat of paint tomorrow and that’s one room completely ready :)
Repairing the bay window

Our main focus for the next 2 months will be the garden and the building work. August is looking quite busy already (2 weddings and 2 family visits),  so we’re allowing ourselves until the end of September to get everything completed. I’m to afraid to show you photos of our garden for now (there’s a reason an apartment may be a good thing for us!), but suffice to say it’s a little overgrown!

That’s it for now. There’s still a lot to do before we can even think about selling – I’ll try not to bore you with too many house repair posts – but it feels good to get started.


  1. says

    I have a similar list. Main items I want to get done this summer:

    * Decorate outside
    * Repair patio

    Next summer I hope to get the front path and drive sorted. Thankfully I’ve got most of the “big ticket” items already done – kitchen, boiler, bathroom. Good luck getting through the list!

  2. Cindi says

    When I made my first downsizing step, it started first with our front hall closet. That thing was filled to the brim with junk. You couldn’t even open the door without stuff falling on your head. (geeze, when I think back to who I used to be, I shudder!).
    Anyway, hubby ordered a 1 ton garbage container and guess what? We filled it. There was so much stuff we had to throw out, some still had price tags on it. We moved and took what furniture, clothes and stuff we needed only to lose it all in a flood while in storage.
    Talk about starting over??? From scratch. We got a true second chance at starting over. We bought what we needed and could only afford. I only own now what I need and no more. There is no more clutter in my life and I love it!
    Good luck!

    • says

      Hi Cindi. At least that’s one thing I don’t have to deal with when we move – clutter. I’ve pretty much cleared it all out. All our excess furniture has already been bagged by family members too.

  3. says

    We are following right behind you, and hope to have our house on the market by the end of next year. We will have a similarly long list of items to be repaired and replaced. The big (and most expensive) project, however, will be the landscaping. We’re content with how it looks now, but in the age of HGTV, everything has to look like it’s ready for a magazine spread.

    You continue to be my inspiration!

  4. says

    It’s going to feel so good crossing items off your list :) And I know for me, having a plan really helps. You can see your progress as the list gets shorter :) All the best, I am looking forward to reading about your progress :)

  5. Heather says

    I am SO happy for you!! Good luck with your list….we aren’t moving yet I have a similar list of things to do. I get into moods where I “pretend” I’m moving….~smile~….Heather

  6. savingfortravel says

    Couldn’t leave comment on your other blog-kept trying! Just wanted to say I totally sympathize and relate to how you feel about spending money just to move.

    Keep your chin up and think to the future.

    Sft x