Money saving in 2013

* MAIN 2013 GOAL: Reduce our mortgage debt by at least £25,000*

Steps to achieve goal:

1: Announce it (for accountability) on your blog

2: List the small money saving moves that will help you to achieve your goal

  • When we have to buy, pay with a cash back credit card
  • And through a cash back site if possible
  • Maximize supermarket points
  • Swap supermarket points for restaurant vouchers
  • Avoid eating out without using above
  • Move ISA savings to best rates in April
  • Continue to build a stockpile
  • Eat leftovers once a week
  • Continue to menu plan
  • Buy a bread maker
  • Monitor electricity usage and reduce as much as possible
  • Use the library more!
  • Avoid buying extra magazines
  • Shop around for all major purchases (carpet & windows) and buy at best price
  • Update existing furniture instead of buying new

3: Focus!

I’m sure other things will come to mind as soon as I hit publish, but for now this is what I have.

Do you have a BIG goal for 2013? If so, what small money saving moves will you be making to achieve your goal?

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  1. Clare says

    Our big goal this year is funding our emergency fund and saving for some travel. I did a life list after one of your other posts last week and I feel so focused! We don’t really have cash back cards in NZ, but we do have points that can be earned on our credit cards which, after a period of using cash instead of cards to get us really focused on our budget, we are using again as we can get vouchers for kids clothes, homeware, adults clothes etc. I know if we are strict about sticking to our budget and plan ahead when we need something replaced (order vouchers, wait for sales) we will save quite a bit of money on those essentials (we all need clothes! especially the two kids, one of whom seems to be giving the jolly green giant a run for his money!). Thanks again for the reminder and the inspiration :)

    • says

      Yay for feeling focused – life lists can do that! Planning our purchases always make me feel in control of our budget, which in turn brings a sense of calm.

      Good luck filling your emergency fund in 2013. What a great goal!

  2. says

    As usual, love your post!

    Our goal is to reduce our mortgage debt, and focusing on cutting our monthly interest payments. We’re trying to refinance right now, & will likely be able to shave a substantial amount off of our monthly payments by doing so. We’ll also be focusing on paying an additional $40-50K over the next year. It will be tricky, but we’re doing the following:
    -cutting travel
    -reducing eating out
    -reducing gifts
    -eating more leftovers
    -cutting back on our cleaning services

    There’s more, but that’s the general thrust of it! :-)

    • says

      Thank you!

      Thanks for sharing your ideas. I like to concentrate on the small things I can do every month as it keeps me motivated. I hope you refinance goes through very soon! :)

  3. says

    get out of debt and stay in credit. our debt is small so hopefully this should be easy. apart from that mine is about making money and increasing my earnings. so I am earning £36,000.00 this year. that’s is my announcement. and am going to introduce the idea of family budgetting to my husband. that is a huge goal. and that’s it. I want 3 months living expenses in savings, and 6 months in a handy emergency fund. I want to save up for things before I buy them and no borrowing from the savings accounts.