Our Travel Plans in 2014 (With Budget)

Our travel plans for 2014 will not surprise any of you!



BUDGET: £1,000
- Rental Apartment x 7 nights 390 EUROS (£325 approx)
- Return flights x 2 to Lisbon (Easyjet) £164
- Airport Parking £28
- Spending Money £450

Predicted spend: £967

We picked an apartment in the centre of Cascais to avoid hiring a car – we’ll take the train into Cascais from the Airport – and we’re self catering to avoid eating out all of the time. One of our plans on this trip is a visit to the beautiful town of Sintra.


New York

BUDGET: £1800
- Hotel 9 nights 270,000 Reward points + $360 (£215 approx)
- Returns flights x 2 to JFK £927
- Airport Parking £60
- Spending Money £720

Predicted spend: £1,922

We don’t have any set plans for this trip, although we’ll try to take in a NY Jets game, so if you have any suggestions for things to do outside of the norm in New York, then please let me know in the comments.

We also need to add in our annual travel insurance cost of £71.

Total predicted spend £2,960 – a little over our original budget of £2,800

We originally planned to go to NY for 7 nights, but added in an extra two and this is the main reason for the over spend……of course this all depends on us not over spending when we’re actually on holiday! :) Our hotel in NY has breakfast included, and we’ll be cooking a lot of our meals ourselves in Portugal, so we could still be ok.

Do you have any travel plans in 2014? Do you set a budget for your trips?

Dining Room + Office Update (Part One)

It feels like this room has been in the ‘updating’ stage for about 12 months….it probably has…but we’re nearly there now!

Dining Room

Ha at the office! It’s really the dining room + the room where the pc lives! I could add shelving in the corner to make it a little more office-y, but it wouldn’t fit in with the simple. minimalist theme I’m aiming for.

Shelving Dining Room

I’m so pleased with the woodwork – what a difference bright white paint makes!

Dining Room - Bookshelf

How the corner looked last year ^

Still to do:
+ Clean the floors
+ Clean the windows
+ Hang pictures x 2
+ Buy a rug, light shade and dining chairs
+ Put (nearly) everything back on the shelves

 My Pinterest DiningRoom/Office inspiration board

Yay for finishing a project!

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