I seem to have a big to-do list (I’ll share soon) for such a small apartment, but I’m keen to get working on it straight away. The main issue we’ve faced over the last ten days of living here is the lack of storage. Apart from the kitchen, there isn’t any. The apartment is an empty box – perhaps a good thing as it means I can start from scratch.


Bedroom 1 is the main bedroom in the house (it has an ensuite), but we’re not using it as our bedroom. Instead this room is going to be a multi-tasker. It’s going to be the guest/office/dressing room!

I wish I knew how to use a fancy online floor planner successfully, but I don’t (ha!),  so here’s a rudimentary photo of what I’m starting with, and where I want things to go.

Bedroom One

As I mentioned above the apartment is lacking in storage, particularly for clothing. We sold our old wardrobes before moving and so finding replacements that fit a small space was a must. The room is only 8ft 6” wide and so we went with the Pax system from Ikea as it can have sliding doors – brilliant for small space living. I’ll share the inside once it’s all completed, but we went with a combo of shelves, hanging rail and drawers. The wardrobe measure 150cm across and is able to house most of our clothing. Coats etc are in another room.


  • Paint ceiling
  • Paint walls
  • Prepare and paint wood
  • Clean out window frame
  • Replace curtain pole
  • Hang curtains
  • Replace carpet + add underlay
  • Fix light fitting (the main light doesn’t work)
  • Hang light shade
  • Hang picture
  • Install fitted wardrobe
  • Make desk
  • Remove shelf (left by previous owners) and make good wall

I’m not setting any rigid timescales on doing the work, but hopefully I can have this room (+ our bedroom) completed by the end of September.

I hope you’ll follow along as I make decisions on what to do with the place. :)

Our New Apartment

Hello! I’m still posting over on my other site but this quiet little home on the internet seems like a good place to keep a record of the updates we’ll soon be making to our actual little home.

Our Small Home: I have big hopes for our small apartment. It’s a basic, modern two bed/two bath with a living room/kitchen. The agents details tell us it’s less than 700 sq ft (we haven’t checked yet), which compared to our current home is tiny. It’s going to be a challenge, but a good challenge at that.

Minimalism: The ‘smallness’ of our new home will ensure that we live a fairly minimalist life. Not totally minimalist as we’ll still have ‘stuff’, but the lack of space will hopefully help to at least keep it at bay.

Organising: It seems strange to move on from talking about minimalism to talking about organising, but having the right amount of storage in our new home will be essential too. At the moment, apart from the kitchen cupboards, there is little storage. There is a (very) small laundry room cupboard, but it needs shelving.

The first two photos, sneaked on a visit yesterday, show both ends of the living/kitchen area. There is some floor space between these two shots, but I didn’t manage to capture it.

Living Area

Kitchen before
At first glimpse the kitchen doesn’t look too bad, but it needs updating a little. I’m running through the options in my head, but at the moment I’m leaning towards getting the door fronts painted professionally (I don’t feel confident enough in my painting skills to do a kitchen), as the carcasses are in a good condition. That empty space you see is for a dishwasher.

That’s all I have for now. I’ll be back with more updates when we’ve actually moved in.