Organising and Simplifying My Online Time

The organiser in me is horrified by the state of her online subscriptions and is spending the morning having a good [online] clear out and making things simpler. 

Somehow, and I’m not too sure how it happened, I have subscriptions [to blogs] in every possible way that you can subscribe and it’s such a time waster.   Anyway, by lunchtime everything will be streamlined into one reader account and I’m resolving not to get into such a mess again.

I’d love to hear how you prefer to receive the updates from your favourite sites? And are you organised with it?

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    I should do that too – some sites I get 2 emails each time there is a new post! AND I have my blogroll in my sidebar that moves the most recent entries to the top plus the first paragraph and THAT is how I keep updated by going through my blogroll 2 or 3 times daily to see what’s new. Right now YOU are at the top of my list:)

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    I have not figured out the RSS feed and how it works, really like the posts coming to my email. If one doesn’t fit a subject I am interested in reading, I no longer feel guilty, I just delete it. Having said that, I get WAY TOO MANY emails…coupons, information, blogs, articles, subscriptions…time to cut it back. Want a simple life.

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    I ran into that problem a few years back. I then re-organized to get all blogs via Google Reader. It’s really not that hard to set up, a lot easier than trying to keep track of everything manually or via email updates. I also subscribe to a couple of newsletters that are email only.

    On my blog I offer both an RSS feed, and updates by email, I’ve found that people do like the convenience of reading posts via email.

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      @Tony I was so organised with my reader up until a few months ago, now I’m surfing and subscribing like a mad woman…always to different email account; I have 5!! lol. But as a blogger I think it’s important to offer your readers a few ways to subscribe.


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      @Karen: I’m [in the process of] moving all the feeds for every site that I read into [one] g oogle RSS reader account – my main g mail account. I have a bad habit of subscribing by email, by g oogle friends connect, when I’m surfing the net..i need to stop and be really disciplined with it.

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    Oh, I’m the same way. I used to use an RSS reader, but I maxed out, so I have some posts coming to email, others going to reader, and others into RSS. It’s just a big mess. I’d love to know how you end up consolidating.

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      @SandyL: Because I have 3 gmail accounts {different sites} when I’m surfing I often end up subscribing when I’m logged nto the wrong account so then I end up with subscriptions in all the readers associated with that account [confusing!] Also I’d got into the habit of using Friends Connect…

      I’m slowly moving all the subs from one reader to my main one, then I’ll do a mini cull. I need to get disciplined about subscribing and ensure that it’s always to my main g reader account. I’m having a real tidy up of my bookmarked sites too..not that I want to stop reading many of them I just think it’s easier to have everything in one place :)