October 2012 Mini Goals…A Follow Up

October Mini Goals Follow Up

Health & Weight Loss

  • Get outside and get walking.
  • Lose at least 3lbs
  • Take iron and Vitamin D daily
  • Eat healthily…

I’m giving myself a 50/100 score for this category. I take my iron and Vit D everyday, but the walking and eating healthily only happened half of the time. Somehow though I lost 3.5lbs.

Frugality & Money

  • (Eat healthily but) stick to my grocery budget
  • Attack the mortgage – make a BIG overpayment
  • Use blankets and jumpers, not heating!
  • Menu plan, menu plan, menu plan

Yes, yes, no and yes!  The grocery budget I’m calling a win (spent £202.49, budget £200), the mortgage over payment too – we’re making an over payment of £1531.90 on Thursday. I also menu planned the whole month. I didn’t stick to it everyday, but I did well enough!  The heating, well that’s on. Not too much, the jumpers and blankets are out, but it is on. We recently switched energy companies so I’m a little wary of costs right now, but hopefully it’ll remain cheaper than our last company.

Downsizing & Finishing the House

  • Finish the back bedroom – yes
  • Hang new curtains – yes
  • Make a start on Katie’s fireplace – no

I’m probably going to have a decorating hiatus until the spring. I finished the back bedroom, and painted the bathroom in October, but my back knows it so I’m taking a little break….for now!


  • Read at least 2 books  – no
  • Go here – no
  • Finish Season 6 of The West Wing – yes and Season 7
  • Be on this site more – yes?
  • Document more – yes?

With all the decorating (and West Wing watching!)  the reading took a hit. I’ll try to get back to it in November. Although it wasn’t a goal we also watched three films – Bridesmaids, Taken & Like Crazy.

I’ll be back later in the week with some goals and hopes for November.

How did your October go?

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    • says

      Thank you! I always wondered what I’d fill my life with when the children all got older…now I know. Goals and to do lists! ;)

  1. savingfortravel says

    I will definitely be setting my own mini goals in November. Some the same as yours!

    Perhaps we can spur each other on with getting out and walking more. Betting the winter blues.

    You have done brilliantly with your Frugality/Money goals. I’m the same. We really need to watch our energy consumption-and Mr Sft has to buy into this too.

    Hope you get back into your reading soon.

    Sft x

    • says

      Thank you!!
      I wish I could apply the same mindset I have towards money to my health. It’s something I really need to work on. I’m not getting any younger and every year it gets a little bit harder.

  2. says

    You did great!! I think my October was a write off… not sure yet what i’ll do for November! I’ll think about that today as well!

  3. erika says

    Congratulations on all you did accomplish and I think its great how you pay your mortgage ahead. Congratulations on your weight loss. Have you ever worked out while watching a show. I have. Especially in the early day. Gives you longer lasting energy, warms you up without the heat and I use hand weights at that time especially because you know after lots of kids its great for getting rid of some bellyfat. Well for me lol.. :)