November 2012 Mini Goals

Mini Goals November 2012

I think my theme for November is going to be: less TV, more books! That’s not saying I won’t be watching any TV, I mean there’s Fringe and Homeland to keep up with, but there will be no more West Wing marathons (for now!).


Health and Weight Loss

  • Get outside and get walking.
  • Lose at least 3lbs
  • Take iron and Vitamin D daily
  • Eat healthily….

I had big plans to track my weight loss progress on this site, and although I did lose a little weight in October, I didn’t record my calories the whole time. See below!

Calories October

Frugality & Money

  • Stick to our grocery budget (£200)
  • Attack the mortgage
  • Stay on budget with Christmas
  • Assess our savings accounts (perhaps move them)

Downsizing & Finishing The House

  • Hang new curtains x 2
  • Replace bathroom light surrounds


  • Read and finish at least four books
  • Take a mini trip to London (and finish my gift shopping)
  • Finalise Travel Plans (and book dates) for 2013

I feel like I should set a big health and fitness goal for 2013. Not run a marathon or anything, just something out of my comfort zone. What do you think? Any suggestions? :)


  1. savingfortravel says

    Can’t help you with that. Walking is enough for me, and it will be at the weekends when I go back to school.

    Great goals, especially 4 books. Wow!

    Sft x

  2. says

    Hope you didn’t really eat under 1200 calories all those days and just stopped recording? I would go for a fitness goal like “walk every day it isn’t raining” and maybe increase walking time over the course of the year? Since you are in the UK, the “days without rain” rule should give you an out 50% of the time, LOL!

  3. says

    Mini goals are a good idea – life is busy enough and I suspect about to get busier in these next two months so time is very limited – I am in the same boat as you with the Health and Weight loss; made a good start but finding it difficult to maintain (we’ve been away too many weekends – and that’s my excuse!). However I think you are doing very well especially with your mortgage – perhaps it is the main focus for you and that is why you are making great inroads – I do think we try to take on too much at once don’t we!

  4. erika says

    Do swimming or learn to swim and hike from one city to another or some hills or mountains. You have lots of beauty in your country and of course your going to one with lots of sun and beaches and lots of new places to walk/hike and explore… :)