My Minimalist Wardrobe (Winter 2012)

I’ve added to my wardrobe since my last update – I had 29 core pieces, now I have 37 36 (I decided to take a recent purchase back to the store as I didn’t love it as much as I thought I did!)

Please forgive the darkness of the photos…

Minimlalist wardrobe

36 Items:

  1. Jeans
  2. Jeans
  3. Jeans
  4. Black Trousers (work)
  5. Black Trousers (work)
  6. Black Trousers (evening wear)
  7. Black Trousers (casual)
  8. Black Linen Trousers (need replacing)
  9. Blouse (evening wear)
  10. Summer Blouse
  11. Black L/S T Shirt
  12. Black S/S T Shirt
  13. Black S/S T Shirt (work)
  14. White S/S T Shirt (work)
  15. Grey S/S T Shirt
  16. White Vest
  17. Black Summer T Shirt
  18. Black Summer T Shirt
  19. Waterfall Cardigan
  20. Grey V Neck Jumper (work)
  21. Dark Grey V Neck Jumper (work)
  22. Grey V Neck
  23. Black Polo Neck
  24. Black V Neck
  25. Black V Neck (work)
  26. Charcoal V Neck (work)
  27. Grey Cardigan (work)
  28. Black cardigan (work)
  29. Shirt (Striped)
  30. Shirt (White)
  31. Shirt (Peach!)
  32. Jumper Vest
  33. Thin Black Jumper
  34. Stripy 3/4 Sleeve T Shirt
  35. Stripy Jumper (Thin)
  36. Pale Cashmere Jumper (work)


As you can see I pretty much wear the same colours in and out of work – I have certain items for each though.

Shoes…six pairs

wardrobe shoes

  1. Black Wedge Boot
  2. Black Wedge (Summer) Sandal
  3. Black Glitter Heals
  4. Black Patent Birkenstock
  5. Black Havaianas (not pictured)
  6. Black Boots (work – not pictured)


To help with wardrobe organisation (and to avoid aimless clothes shopping, which I hate!), I keep a clothing wish list on my phone – I’ve also started a wardrobe board on Pinterest – which I love.

To save for and buy in 2013

  • Black Trench Coat
  • Black Havaianas
  • Black Jeans
  • Leather Boots


Do you keep a clothing wish list?


  1. Jan says

    Explain to me how you can function with only 2 pairs of work trousers? I have five pairs and even then I often wonder if people wonder about my clothing choices. Plus like you I limit my color choices and only buy khaki and black. I find the black always fade after washing and don’t last more than a season. Any suggestions on that front?

    • says

      Hi Jan
      I only work part-time and my two colleagues wear black trousers too, so we don’t really worry about wearing the same clothes all the time. I mix and match my tops, wear scarves, change my jewelry and so never seem to get bored.

      I never seem to have a problem with my work trousers fading – I’ve had my current two pairs for 18 months now so I’m not sure what to suggest, sorry :)

      • Jan says

        That makes sense if you all wear only black trousers all the time. Maybe the fading is due to the detergent we use here. Thanks for your reply!

        • says

          I love how uncrowded and organized your closet is. It looks like it would be so easy to pick out an outfit in the morning. I am slowly whittling my clothes to get my closet to look like yours!

    • Laura says

      Hi Dar!
      I jave a trench, pictured, a warm North Face fleece and a North Face style long puffa coat – I want a ‘real’ one eventually! I only have normal boots, no fur lined…although I have been looking at them this year and will perhaps buy a pair…it’s so cold!

  2. Michelle@TheShopMyClosetProject says

    Laura, I love, love, love those sandals!! But, I am going to tease you and say that you need a “pop” of color :) There is a gorgeous blue that has become quite popular stateside. But, he simplicity of your wardrobe is fantastic . I have been working hard getting rid of a lot of items and streamlining things. It’s so funny when people compliment something that I am wearing (and have had for years) but, they haven’t seen due to way too many clothes to choose from. Keep up the good work!