Mortgage Freedom: November 2012 Report


  • Original Mortgage: £138,485 (April 2006)
  • Original term: 300 months (March 2031)
  • Outstanding Balance: £86,300.00
  • Reduction from last month: £2,000
  • Paid off to date: £52,185
  • Monthly payment: £542.34
  • November over payment £1,531.90
  • Actual payments left: 212
  • Months until goal date: 61 (31st Dec 2017)
  • Months until stretch goal date: 37 (31st Dec 2015)

Us vs. Bank: 37.7% vs. 62.3%

Depending on which house valuation you wanted to choose we either own, or just about own, 50% of our house now. Yay! Given that we only owned 10% in 2006 I’ll happily take that.

The plan for 2013 is to just keep moving forward with the mortgage payoff and the house updates. The job search abroad is proving very difficult, so much so that we’ve given up trying until at least the New Year. We’re not disheartened though. We still have a plan.


  1. savingfortravel says

    Keep up that positive attitude. You are doing brilliantly and I KNOW you are going to fulfil your dreams.

    Sft x

  2. says

    now do you own the left side or the right side? Or is it the ground floor or the second floor? Regardless you won 50% and that is good!!! We are down to 43 weeks now………and the house will be 100% ours!!


  3. George says

    Excellent news. Ours is paid off, and we’re putting it up for sale. As soon as it sells we’re off. Like you, we overpaid like hell and managed to clear it 2 years ago. And we kept on putting those payments into savings to build up a nice healthy amount. And continue to do so. Good luck.