Mortgage Freedom: March 2014 Report

We’re trying to pay off our mortgage by December 2017, and every month I track our progress.


  • Original Mortgage: £138,485 (April 2006)
  • Original term: 300 months (March 2031)
  • Balance last month: £72,360
  • New Balance: £71,500
  • Paid off to date: £66,985
  • March over payment £372.61
  • Actual payments left: 196
  • Months until goal date: 45 (31st Dec 2017)
  • Months until stretch goal date: 27 (31st Dec 2015)

48.37% of mortgage debt repaid!

The main planned house repair for 2014 is now completed – I just need to send the cheque – and so now it’s time to start really attacking the mortgage. So far it’s reduced by £2,000, but our goal is £15,500 – we need to get (really) going!

2014 Goal: £2,000/£15,500


  1. says

    Great to have the house repairs done and dusted! Isn’t it amazing to see that original loan term and to see how much you’ve slashed off it! Bring on the (mortgage) face-punching! (I hope other commenters know that reference or they’ll think I’m odd!)