More painting…..

Painting the dining room

I’m giving myself until the end of March to finish the downstairs. It may not take that long, but I’m allowing for planned time away from home, and how slow I am at painting these days!

Door frame

I may also need to add a little filler around that door frame^

When this room, the kitchen, the porch and the breakfast room all have a fresh coat of paint (or two), this house will be almost complete. Part of me wants to stay put and enjoy the fruits of our labour (and bank account!), but another part of me wants to sell up and downsize immediately!


  1. Ugh, better you than me. Painting is not something I enjoy (nor the clean up). Best of luck! :)

    • I’m not sure that I enjoy it anymore, but when these 3-4 rooms are done, then we’re done…at least for a while anyway.

  2. as you know been there and done that!! I would stay put for a month or two after you have finished the rooms to see how you feel. Then if you have itchy feet put it on the market. Is the market good at the moment? Even with all the bloody snow we have, folk are buying homes over here. I am really quite surprised.

    • I think the market is picking up a little. You’re right Gill – it makes sense to stay put for a while and then see how I feel.

  3. It must be hard to consider moving when you have done so much work…I wonder how you will feel once the painting is all done. It’s such a lovely, character-filled home!

    • I’ll probably love it and want to stay! The thought of ‘moving house stress’ fills me with dread a little….

  4. I hate painting too but you’ll be happy to get it done!

  5. I don’t mind the painting – I dislike filling in the cracks and holes only to find they revisit after a while. I cannot believe it is halfway through Feb and we have still not put a brush of paint on the walls. We have the colour now so at least we are one step further forward!

  6. Because of these posts I have begun doing my projects again. They are a little overwhelming because I’m dealing with it on my own. But, the feeling of accomplishment after getting something done is so great. Also, I realize that my home is a reflection of where my head is at. That’s deep!


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