March 2014 Mini Goals

March Mini Goals

March Mini Goals:
+ Seek out and buy an outfit for an April wedding
+ Continue to lose weight! Goal 5lbs!
+ Stay within our £200 grocery budget
+ Reduce the mortgage below £70k!
+ Finish the downstairs painting
+ Get the fence fixed!
+ Go to The Natural History Museum, London
+ Finish reading Divergent

How did I do in February?

+ Lose 3lbs & record all calories eaten 28/28 – Fail!
+ Read 3 Books (all from the library) and continue my unofficial book buying freeze! Fail! I finished the books but forgot that I was on a spending freeze and bought 3 Kindle books!
+ List every item that enters the house – Yes! List coming soon!
+ Complete a ‘Not Buying It’ month* – Nearly! Do e-reader books counts ;)
+ Stick to our £200 grocery budget – missed budget by £1.53 so I’m calling this a win!

Are you setting any mini goals this month? How did you do in February?

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  1. says

    Of course e-books don’t count – they are not physical objects :) I probably won’t have time to read Divergent before the movie comes out. I hope you’ll tell us about your trip to Nat His; I visited once last year.

  2. says

    That grocery budget is a great goal — I’d call that a win, too. And I love the idea of listing everything that enters the house. I’m looking forward to hearing more about that.

  3. says

    I agree – your grocery budget was definitely a win. :) Everyone is talking about Divergent . . I’m thinking I should add my name to the library queue now before the movie comes out!

    An April wedding – fun! We don’t have any wedding this spring/summer for the first time in probably 4 years. It’s a little bit of a bummer.

  4. says

    The eBooks don’t have to count ;)
    You are doing well. I set mini goals to help achieve my big goals. It’s a must, breaking it down into bite size pieces.

  5. says

    Good luck on your March goals. My goal for the month of March is to continue getting rid of 25 things per week from the house. Got rid of more than that this week. Need to start collecting things up for next week!

  6. says

    Hi Laura. I look forward to hearing about your wedding outfit – will it be suitable for other occasions? I hope to continue with controlling our grocery spending and get started on painting the kitchen. Good luck with your March goals xo

    • says

      Hi Claire. I’m hoping to find a jacket that I can use with jeans etc after the wedding.

      I’m painting our kitchen this week….I’ll be so glad when it’s all finished.