Link Love: Sunday June 27th 2010

Hello and happy Sunday.

Link love is a little late this week as I’ve been having a little internet free time and enjoying the lovely weather here in the UK; long may it last!

Anyways some reads I’ve enjoyed this past week;

 Have a great day :-)

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{photo credit: katclay}


  1. Thanks so much for the link! I’m going to check out some of the other posts. :)

  2. Money Funk says:

    The Eco scrubbie is cute. Never thought of using twine and wool. Guess I need to learn how to knit now. :) I did make an Eco tawashi like the one in the link. But it didn’t prove to be very fun to use because the yarn kept a lot of the water sopped up in it and lots of the soggy crumbs stuck to it. Ewww. But twine, I could see that working.

  3. @money funk me too re the knitting!

    @Mrs Money you’re welcome :-)