Life List

Go to Seattle, USA and visit the Space Needle
See The Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
See Niagara Falls
Go to Florence, Italy
Go to Venice, Italy (added)
Go to Las Vegas, USA and gamble in a casino
Go to Los Angeles, USA and do the tourist thing!
Go to Porto, Portugal
Visit the Amalfi Coast
Go to Amsterdam
Go to Maui (added)
Take M on a surprise trip
Go on an extended trip to New York (30 days)
Live in Portugal for an extended time
Go to San Francisco and see the Golden Gate Bridge
Have six figures in the bank
Achieve Financial Independence by 2024
Have afternoon tea at The Ritz
Live near a beach
See the Radio City Hall Christmas Spectacular
Go back to NY again and again and again…..

Go to Rome, Italy and visit the Sistine Chapel (June 2012)
Go to Lucerne, Switzerland (June 2013)
Visit Bath, UK (February 2013)
Go to Vancouver, Canada (October 2010)
Go to Washington DC, USA (August 2009)
Go to Paris, France (March 2010)
Go to Boston (December 2002)
Be consumer debt free (December 2009)
Be mortgage free (July 2014)
Go to a Broadway play
Go to a West End play
Sponsor one/two/three children
Get a tattoo
Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
See the NY Jets play (October 2013)
Attend a Yankees baseball game (April 2012)
Have breakfast at Balthazar NY (April 2012)
Visit The Design Museum, Lisbon (September 2011)
Visit The MOMA, NY (December 2007)
Visit The MET, NY (April 2012)
Visit The Guggenheim, NY (April 2012)
Be 98% happy with our UK house (finish it!) April 2014 (and house sold)
Take the subway to Coney Island, NY (October 2013)