Life List {Updated}


I’m thinking of goals for 2013 and I always start with my life list……

Places to go:

  1. Paris (March 2010)
  2. New England
  3. Seattle
  4. San Francisco
  5. Rome (June 2012)
  6. Positano
  7. Vienna
  8. Los Angeles
  9. Brighton
  10. Bath
  11. Vancouver (October 2010)
  12. Washington DC (August 2009)
  13. Boston (December 2002)
  14. Las Vegas
  15. Back to Washington
  16. Back to Paris
  17. Back to NY again and again…

Financial to do:

  1. Be consumer debt free (December 2009)
  2. Be mortgage free
  3. Complete a six month spending hiatus
  4. Have six figures in the bank
  5. Achieve Financial Freedom by 2020
  6. Be Financially Independent by 2025



      1. Live in a foreign country (Portugal)
      2. Weigh 140lbs 150lbs
      3. Holiday on a beach front property
      4. Live near a beach
      5. Speak fluent Portuguese
      6. Design a house
      7. Be 98% happy with our UK house (finish it!)
      8. Spend (at least) a month living in Manhattan
      9. Spend a month living in London
      10. Gamble in a Vegas Casino
      11. Eat a 100% vegetarian diet for one month
      12. Have a house good enough to holiday swap
      13. Go to a Broadway play  
      14. Go to a West End play
      15. Be a landlord
      16. Sponsor one/two/three children
      17. Attend the Super Bowl
      18. Have afternoon tea at The Ritz
      19. Have my hair coloured
      20. Own all twelve items on my core wardrobe wish list
      21. Have a (perfect) library corner
      22. Re-own my top ten favourite books (the list is part cultural!)
      23. Own my top ten favourite  films (list is not cultural!)
      24. Get a tattoo
      25. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
      26. See the NY Jets play
      27. Attend a Yankees baseball game (April 2012)
      28. Take hubby on a surprise trip
      29. Meet Joshua Jackson (a girl can dream!)
      30. Have breakfast at Balthazar NY (April 2012)

Places to visit, things to see:

    1. The Design Museum, London
    2. The Design Museum, Lisbon (September 2011)
    3. The MOMA, NY (December 2007)
    4. The MET, NY (April 2012)
    5. The Guggenheim, NY (April 2012)
    6. Coney Island, NY
    7. The Space Needle, Seattle
    8. The Grand Canyon
    9. Niagara Falls, NY
    10. The Golden Gate Bridge, SF
    11. The Sistine Chapel, Rome

What’s on your list for 2013?


  1. says

    Very nice lists, and you’ve been making some excellent progress.

    With regards my lists I’m just focusing on recovering my health and fitness. Anything on top of that’s a bonus…

  2. says

    you are a list girl aren’t you? I need to do more list making and ned to have a sit down with dh an figure out what both our goals are.


  3. says

    You are so inspiring – I get so excited when I see you’ve posted. :-)

    In no particular order, & totally off the cuff:

    1) Spend a month in Italy
    2) Run a marathon
    3) Run a 30K
    4) Work for myself
    5) Take at least 2 months off of work
    6) Go on a ski vacation with the family (husband + kids)
    7) Spend an extended family holiday (Christmas or Thanksgiving?) in Hawaii
    8) Go to surf camp in Maui.
    9) Go to dirt camping (mountain biking) in Moab, Utah
    10) Own a vacation house in Hawaii
    11) Pay off both residences
    12) Fully fund our kids college accounts (tuition – they’ll be responsible for room & board)
    13) Live abroad for a year
    14) Go to Alaska
    15) Write a book
    16) Visit my cousin in Texas
    17) Visit Germany (where my grandparents are from)
    18) Learn to make pie
    19) Learn to bake bread
    20) Learn to sew
    21) Learn Italian
    22) Learn Farsi
    23) Make a trip to visit the husband’s family (can’t meet in Iran, so likely Dubai or Turkey)
    24) Acheive & maintain my goal weight
    25)Take the boys to the Grand Canyon

    • says

      Love it!

      I’m very late to Italy love, but after Rome his year I want to go back, and back again….I can’t stop thinking about visiting the Almafi coast.

      Alaska needs to be on my list too!

  4. says

    What a great list – I especially love the Library corner – I have always wanted a whole Library room but have never thought to include it on my wish list though. I think my list might need bringing out of storage and refreshing a little for 2013 – thanks for the nudge.

    • laura says

      I went through a stage of de-cluttering (and selling) my books but I regret doing it really. I love books and having a small library corner makes me happy :)