My Life List Simplified

Life List

I love to read (and marvel at), the truly awesome things some people have on their Life List, but I keep mine nice and simple (and without anything that I consider scary, like parachuting!)

My list is mainly filled with travel and financial goals, but I still love it!

Current list:

Go to Seattle, USA & visit the Space Needle
See The Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
See Niagara Falls
Go to Florence, Italy
Go to Las Vegas, USA and gamble in a casino
Go to Los Angeles, USA & do the tourist thing!
Take M on a surprise trip
Go on an extended trip to New York (30 days)
Go to San Francisco and see the Golden Gate Bridge
Be mortgage free
Have six figures in the bank
Achieve Financial Freedom by 2020
Achieve Financial Independence by 2025
Have afternoon tea at The Ritz
Live in Portugal
Live near a beach
Be 98% happy with our UK house (finish it!)
Walk in Central Park on Christmas Day
See the Radio City Hall Christmas Spectacular
Go back to NY again and again and again…..

What’s on your list? Is it wild or simple, or both? :)


  1. You know, we haven’t ever made a list like this, but I’m going to now. I’m going to forward this post to my wife and get started. I think you & we will have a much better chance of actually doing these things, if we have them written as goals.

  2. Kristina says:

    Your list is so inspiring. I’ve never actually written down my goals and dreams but it really makes sense to do so. I love all of your dreams. Your travels include a lot of places here in America (most of which I’ve been to) and my list includes everywhere in Europe! ;)

    • Maybe we should swap houses sometime in the future – you can do Europe for a few months, and I can do the US! :) :)

  3. Great list. I love the idea of a surprise trip!

  4. Are you sure you don’t want to live in NYC instead of Portugal ? Would Rockaway Beach do? LOL!

    • Oh I do, just can’t lol! Anywhere close by would do…..although I am aware how tiring big cities can be on a daily basis.

  5. Viv says:

    I have only one travel item on my dream list – retire – get camper van – set off round world!

  6. Yep, hands up to having ‘wild’ goals on my life list! But there’s a far chunk of travel, though the siren call of it is lighter at the moment. I do plan to continue a tradition (broken last year) to go to NYC and Paris every year, alternating, and then make side trips to see new things (like San Fran, Portland, and then Bosnia. Romania, Croatia etc).

    I like how you don’t *just* have destinations, but key activities, I really need to do that more!

    • Alternating NY and Paris sounds like a plan. A very good plan – they’re both great cities. People are always asking me if I ever get bored of NY, but I don’t! My in-laws went to Croatia last year and loved it – the coastline is beautiful.

      I love that you have wild goals!

    • Just looked up your Bucket List – don’t know how I missed it before!

      • It happens – I’m glad you’ve found it now!

        Maybe, just maybe, I can make up this year and do Paris AND NYC. The BF is the winner in an international competition that if he wins he’ll get two tickets to San Fran, so then a trip to NYC would be essential, as he’d never been. And Portland… And maybe even Seattle. I think I’ll add locations/activities to each destination when I get a chance though.

        How could you get sick of NYC? Come on!

  7. Your list is great! We share some goals – like visiting San Fran & LA (hopefully this summer!), and being mortgage free. :) I’ve seen the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular and it was amazing!

    • How exciting – you must report back! I can’t believe I still haven’t seen the Christmas Show – it looks so amazing. Hopefully we can tie it in with our 10th Anniversary trip :)

  8. Great list Laura! I have done most of those and can say they are well worth aiming for :-) But I have to agree with Dar above. You and hubby need to get yourselves a tiny apt in NYC and live there. Beaches in NY and NJ within an hour from Manhattan. ~ Pru

  9. I need to make a list………..just to get me through the next 30 days would be a start!!!

  10. I love your list…love that NYC ‘again and again and again!’ I haven’t made a list but I think I really need to sit down and finally do it!

  11. Hmm.. my short list for my life?

    1. Retire with a fully paid for home and $1 million in assets aside from said home
    2. Visit Japan
    3. Have another kid at least (2 total, 3 expected, 4 maximum)
    4. Never work for a company again if I can continue to freelance
    5. Half work, half take time off and enjoy spending it with family / friends / life

  12. I have a lot on my list. But, I’m just going to focus on my items for 2014.
    1.) Find love
    2.)Start my business
    3.) Quit my job-FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY!!!
    4.) Lose 30 pounds.
    5.) Study Spanish in Central or South America

    Ok, this list is a lot of work. I’m up for it.

  13. Thank you for sharing! I have never done a “Life List” before but after reading yours I’m thinking about making one :)

  14. Alexandra says:

    First of all, congratulations for the list, it is a great source of inspiration.
    I am from Romania and this is the first time I read your blog, but I couldn`t help myself in leaving you a comment because my dream is living in Portugal, also.
    I was in Carcavelos, in my honeymoon back in 2009 and since than I am constantly daydreaming about that wonderful-gorgeous Portugal.
    Moving to Portugal is my top priority every year, but I`m still trying to convince the husband :)

    • Hi Alexandra! Carcavelos is beautiful – a lovely place to visit for your honeymoon. Good luck trying to convince your husband!