January 2014 Goals

January Goals

Good morning! I hope that you had a peaceful and wonderful Christmas. We had a lovely, relaxing time with our extended family….I feel very lucky to have them all in my life.


So 2014 is just two days away, and you know what that means! It’s goals time! It’s time to get re-energized and re-focused!

January Mini Goals:

+ Track my calories. Exercise at least 23 times. Kick start my weight loss plan.
+ Achieve a 46% (of net income) savings rate
+ List every item that comes into our home
+ Blitz clean (and de-clutter if needed) at least two rooms
+ Make (or save from budget) at least £150

Ok. That’s it. I might make ‘5 mini goals a month’, my new rule for 2014 – it seems enough!

What are you most excited for this coming year? Are you setting mini goals in January? 

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  1. says

    I love the idea of a blitz clean…may need more info on what that really means. I have visions of vacuum cleaners and brooms advancing like Panzers over the bedroom floor…

  2. says

    I like these goals! I also have mini-goals posts planned as its hard to get to your year end goals without mini-goals to kickstart and keep track of progress. Good luck! :)

  3. Nicola says

    I love the idea of mini goals – I hope to accomplish my first frugal month in January as well as losing a few lbs and decluttering and simplifying my life!

  4. says

    Hey Laura, are you using MyFitnessPal for your calorie tracking? I started doing it this NY too, I’m SarahNos I think, feel free to seek me out and we can cheer each other along!