Items that enter (and leave) our home in 2014

Magazine purging

I tried to come up with a jazzy title for these posts – but failed! ;) Basically in 2014 I want to keep a record of every new (to us) item that enters our home, whether it is purchased, gifted or dropped through the letterbox unsolicited! Added into that I’m also keeping a record of anything that I remove from the house in anyway.

Doing this is all part of my grand plan to move closer to ‘zero waste’….which we’re a long way from being close to right now. (Although I wouldn’t say we’re horrendous waste producers, I still feel like there’s a lot of work to be done.)

For list making purposes I’m ignoring anything work related and all grocery items.


+ 3 newspapers (hotel freebies)
+ 15 flyers (letterbox)
+ 1 golf travel brochure (post)
+ 17 mail envelopes
+ 1 Charity Bag (letterbox)
+ 3 DVD envelopes (front cover + 2 inserts)
+ 1 Roasting Pan
+ 2 Wooden Spoons
+ 1 Large Note pad
+ 2 Pyrex Dishes with lids
+ 1 Jumper
+ 1 Throw blanket
+ 1 Duvet Set with pillows
+ 2 Ceramic Pots
+ 1 Candle Holder
+ 2 Hand Towels
+ 1 Portuguese Book
+ 2 Magazines (subscriptions)
+ Assorted receipts

Good grief! Now that it looks like I spent the whole month shopping, here are a few of my thoughts:

  • Me + London = no self control (I’m working on it!).
  • M needed a Portuguese study book for his lesson, so this was an unavoidable purchase
  • Magazines will be a thing of the past for me soon as I cancelled my subscriptions last year.
  • Pyrex dishes are to replace plastic for food storage
  • Mail received is a little perplexing. Why do we get so much mail when we’re paper free with most companies?!
  • I have a lot to work on in 2014!

January De-Cluttering:

The magazines in the photo above + an old griddle pan (which I’m yet to replace).


  1. says

    I think it’s amazing to track how much mail / brochures come into the house. That’s what starts my ‘hot-spots’ of junk and before I know it, I have an unauthorised pile that breeds.

    Others may disagree but I think you should have a “free pass” for London visits! Who could resist?!

    • says

      Ha, yes! A free pass would be lovely lol!

      Re the paper/post. I took our address off mailing lists years ago, but all the mail in January has made me realise that I need to repeat the process.

  2. says

    Your goal of getting to a ‘no-waste’ household is so admirable! I don’t think I have the devotion to keep track, but would love to reduce the amount of clutter that gets into our home. That’s the root cause, right?

  3. says

    Junk mail is SO annoying, but at the same time, useful to some!? I mean, I put flyers out for my church in so many letterboxes (good for fitness!) but I didn’t with any that specifically said ‘no junk mail’ – one man saw me and thanked me for reading and obeying :) Part of me didn’t like the waste, but the other half knew there’s no other way to ‘communicate’ cheaply with the masses in apartments. Not like a church will be buying TV time or a net ad! Anyhow, we don’t get much, most notable as other people here do.

    Envelopes are annoying – you can reuse them, but how many do you really need? Should I be removing the windows?

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Pyrex! Totally a convert I tell you – next up some Corningware (same company).

    • says

      That’s a good point about the church flyers – those I don’t mind, it’s the countless pizza menus that are annoying. I have a huge box of stick on labels which I use to re- purpose envelopes, but like you say, I don’t use that many envelopes – so how many do we need.

      Pyrex is great – eventually I hope to replace all my plastic with it.

  4. Viv says

    Seems like great minds think alike! I made this decision as part of my reducing challenge and it does make you notice what comes into the house. I have another photo to publish from last weeks buys – one thing about having a week at home with a bad foot is I cannot spend any money. I think we will be able to encourage each other in this challenge and swap ideas on how to control the incoming stuff!
    I make cards out of the junk mail I will try and post a picture of one soon.
    I like glass storage – Pyrex do those little glass dishes with lids handy for leftover bits in the fridge is that what you bought? Are you adding up the total cost of the incoming stuff too – I think I might do that to frighten myself into not spending!

    • says

      I keep a record of all my purchases (from my weekly spending diaries) so I’ll have all the figures at the end of the year. I love pyrex too – it’s just a shame that the lids are plastic, but I’m not sure what else they could use for the multi purpose dishes.

      We can definitely support each other – this month I’m refocusing on reducing our mail again :)

      • Viv says

        The Pyrex dishes I have are quite small and do have glass lids – just big enough for bits of leftovers though lids not airtight. I think they came from Waitrose. Good luck with the mail – we have very little now as most billing done online and we always tick the box for no advertising mail you find on those terms and conditions etc. We are trying to cut my mum in laws down now. We have a power of attorney to look after her finances and she used to get heaps of stuff far more than we do.