I love to travel…..

photo credit: bre pettis

I love to travel…or do I? After my trip to NY I’m left wondering if I actually prefer to be at home.
What I love, or thought I did, was being in different countries, I definitely don’t like the travel bit. Being on an aeroplane is not my favourite thing in the world, it’s probably my least favourite.

The point of this post? I’m considering my long term travel goals. Do I have elaborate travel plans right now because its a way of escaping from work life? Do I really need to spend lots of money in the future travelling when I much prefer my own bed and my own home? When I’m living in Portugal and no longer have this demanding job, will I still feel the need to travel?
I suspect the answer to the last question is no.


  1. amy@inspirationchic says

    it is all what you make it. I am a traveler–i have lived in many countries, places and kept moving all the time-until I met my husband. we had a family and i still wanted to move-searching I think for the perfect place. I later discovered that the perfect place IS home and that can be anywhere you make it bc its what surrounds you-friends, family, comfort of the expected. So…i think you know the answer-
    Just soak in the wonderful parts of your day in Portugal. A job is passing but the place is home.

  2. Middle Way says

    Now that I’ve “settled” somewhat, I can relate to the “home” concept more than ever. I like coming home. (I also wish the Concorde was still around and that I was able to afford the fares because that would make the traveling part much easier!)

    You may not feel as much of a desire to explore new places when you get to Portugal and away from the job. But if you have a little travel bug in you, I think that your curiosity will surface again.

    At that point in your life, there is no time limit–you can do anything you would like–when you like–and I think the traveling part won’t be “as much” of a hassle when there is no rush.

  3. Sharon Rose says

    Hi there-hope you still had a great time in New York, there is no place like home though, haha!

  4. Mommy2Twinkies-Deb says

    Oh! I really hope you had a great time in New York… it’s a tough city to visit for such a short period, but I hope at least you got to see some of the charm.

    Home really is where the heart is… even better if that can be a place that you love-like Portugal–or for me, the beach.

  5. laura says

    Hi all, thank you for your comments. I think my post came across as if I didn’t enjoy my trip – I did! If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live in NY.
    I think what I was trying to say was, and it might be a reaction to a bad flight, that I think I love the ‘escape idea’ of travel more than the actual travel, does that make sense?

  6. Over the Cubicle Wall says

    Makes sense to me. Imagination of any sort is a form of escapism. Imagining not having a job, and all the travel you could do instead is very alluring.

  7. livingmyrichlife says

    I also love to travel but I find if I do too much, I’m desperate for some home time. A year ago I moved to the US from Australia and until September this year I had been away on a trip every month. By then I was completely exhausted and I seriously needed some home time. After a couple of months at home the wanderlust was back. For me it’s obviously about balance. Some time is needed at home so you can appreciate your time away, and vice versa.

  8. Sharon J says

    You make perfect sense to me, Laura. I like experiencing new places too but hate the getting there and home again bit. I can’t stand flying, not because I’m afraid that the plane will fall out of the sky but because I’m confined in one space and once that door’s shut, that’s it, you can’t change your mind half way and say “bugger it, I’m not going after all” – you’re stuck in that capsule for the duration. That’s the one reason why I’ve never taken a long haul flight, 4 hours and I’m climbing the walls!

  9. paradigmshifted says

    i think it makes perfect sense. we often think about a certain thing in the abstract, making it seems wonderful, without really thinking about the nitty gritty. but at the end of the day, is a few hours bad plane time worth the few days spend in a city you enjoyed? i think that’s often the key.

    also, if i lived in portugal, i don’t think i would have the desire to ‘escape’ as much. it’s already ‘escape’. :)

    but i’m a traveler at heart, and home is wherever i am. but i do like comfort, and as i contemplate a move overseas, i think i’m going to find it hard to leave 14 years in the same place behind…

  10. Mizé says

    I bet when you move to Portugal you will travel!
    Well, at least, inside Portugal, which is easier and cheaper.
    You´re not going to miss our great places here for sure. There´s so much to see…that will fill your travel plans for months :)
    A good Sunday!