House To Do – Updated

I’ve updated our house to do list because our original goal of completing all our house renovations in 2011 is not going to happen……although I’m still quite happy with our progress in 2011 as a couple of the main jobs (replaced old windows and painted the exterior), have been completed.

I’ve split our new list into projects to complete in 2012 (below) and projects to complete right before our actual move – there are certain things not worth completing until we are ready to rent, so we’ve put these on the back burner for a while.

2012 List:

  • Remove shed and replace with storage unit
  • Replace back door step
  • Paint small hall
  • Paint mdf shelf in small hall
  • Box in meter
  • Replace under stairs cupboard door frame
  • Re grout tiles around hob
  • Replace small window dining room
  • Replace breakfast room window
  • Clean hall tiles
  • Improve roof insulation


We estimate that all the above will cost £1,500 and as yet I’m unsure where this money will come from. We may use part of the move to Portugal fund or I may use this as a target amount for side income. Either way we do plan to  WILL finish up all these jobs next year.

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    Lots of small jobs! One per month and you can take December off! I like the idea of using your side income rather than $$ saved for Portugal.

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      I like Jane’s thinking. :) One job a month and then relax in December.

      Laura: we’ve decided to focus on mortgage pay off and part of that is from reading this blog. All the numbers and disclosure about extra payments and seeing your repayment ticker (2017!!!) has made me realize I want that. We’re actually looking to refinance for a better interest rate and recently upped our monthly payments by 15%. We are still building a cushion here but we have become quite focused on throwing whatever we can at our mortgage. We have a HUGE mortgage but now think it is possible to pay it off in 10 years. Which would be amazing. Thank you for this site!!

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        Hi Rachel – Wow!
        I never know if financially we’re doing exactly the right thing BUT I do know for us, and our peace of mind, being mortgage free would be the ultimate in freedom…..we also seem so much better at paying down debt than building savings!

        Your mortgage may be HUGE but I know you can do this – owning your home in Vancouver in ten years would be a fantastic achievement – Good luck!

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    I have made a tentative 5 year list of jobs to do around the house, all are big jobs and all cost a lot of money, so five years is the way to go for us I think.

    Using your side income and splitting it into one job per month is a great idea,

    Gill in Canada