House Snagging List (2014)

Snagging List

It’s taken me a long (long) time to realise it, but it’s nearly impossible to be 100% done when it comes to home repairs! You can get close, but then something else always crops up…..something to keep in mind when planning our retirement expenditure!

Here’s our current to-do list:

+ Glue shutter strip back on
+ Replace radiator thermostat dial (it fell off?!)
+ Add curtain to front door
+ Fix light fitting (Dining room)
+ Add door rain guard (Side door)
+ Hang hooks (Porch)
+ Replace fence panels x 2 (they broke in the recent storm)
+ Fix garden gate
+ Paint all garden fence panels
+ Cement wall post back on (5 years and counting!)
+ Repair guttering (being done today – yay!)
+ Re-plaster wall (Landing)
+ Re-place whole bathroom*
+ Paint downstairs (I’m half way)

*Not snagging as such, but it’s on the list to do when the mortgage is paid off.

Some of these items are quite easy to do – others not so much, and we’ll get a local handy man to do these.

Do you keep an ongoing snagging list?

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      I suppose really the term is used for new builds (which ours certainly isn’t lol) I’ve carried it over from my work days when we would have new shop fits and I would go around finding all the faults to be fixed :0)

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    You’re totally right: the to do list for a homeowner never really ends. I took apart our sink’s faucet yesterday, trying to cure a squeak. No luck, but on the plus side I did get water everywhere. :(

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    Oh yes, there’s always more to be done! Around here, snagging means getting your clothes caught on something or catching someone committing a crime, so I was surprised to see it used in this way. :)

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    I reckon you could get a bunch of those knocked off in a short time with a dedicated budget thrown at them – that’d be the best feeling after a weekend smashing through it!

    I was happy to get most of my ‘big ticket’ items done in my home before renting it out. I let a few languish (like installing an insect screen door – which in hindsight saved me money as I wasn’t there this summer!) Overall I felt comfortable renting it out at the level I had it at. I know as time wears on, I’ll need to do more as the tenants request, or I notice in inspections.

    I was actually incredibly surprised that my DIY list evaporated once I settled into the rental. Sure, there’s some areas that if it was my home, I’d tend to, like flakes paint due to building movements, but it’s not my property, and it’s not that bad. It’s actually nice to only see cosmetic stuff, like cleaning, but then I did enjoy the DIY!

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      You’re right Sarah, once I’m done with the painting, I’m going to get a handyman to do everything! I’m often pondering renting vs. owning. I do wonder if I would miss the DIY?

      PS. Love your post today (or was it yesterday?!) – I started writing a comment and then had to go out before I could finish it (I was on a huge ramble!). I’ll try again tomorrow.

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    In our house when one job is ticked off the list another one is added on! I think that these days there is so much more to maintain and we do much more DIY and because of this we like to update our houses far more than ever before. I never saw my grandad doing any major jobs like replastering a wall or replacing a bathroom, he might wallpaper and put up a picture to make a few changes to a room. The outside toilet had a whitewash every other year – it would not have occurred to him to replace the toilet for a more fashionable one unless it was broken beyond repair! We are just doing our kitchen and bathroom at the moment – not got past the choosing part yet there is so much out there to look at it makes the decision harder.

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    I have never heard of that expression before. It is maybe a “down south” expression, as remember I was originally from the north of England.

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    I have an ongoing list of things to do in the house that never EVER seems to end. I finish one project and all of a sudden 5 more appear lol

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    The endless to do list and money spent are the reasons I don’t think I could ever own another house. I feel like the costs were never recouped. Good luck with your list.