Have BIG Goals

Do you dream of doing something amazing? Or do you, like I used to, spend your days wishing that your life was different?

If you answered yes to either question, or perhaps even to both, then you need to set some BIG goals to change things.

Set big goals

Setting BIG goals can then lead you to other questions, usually starting with how! How can I change my life? How can I do this amazing thing?

And to start, it won’t be easy. Achieving a big goal never is.

But it can be done!

And here’s what’s working for me (so far): 

Having a plan and breaking it down.

I started with the ultimate goal (moving to Portugal), and then broke that goal down into years, months and even weeks. The late great Stephen Covey said that you should ‘begin with the end in mind’ and he’s right. I may drift off now and again, or have a mad moment what I want to just do everything right now (and then there’s the Portuguese economy to think about!), but overall, taking each day at a time, with the big end goal in mind, is working.

We may not be living in Portugal right now, but we do own 50% of our house six years after buying it, and we are consumer debt free. Who would have thought that was possible a few years ago?

So set the BIG goal, make a plan, break it down and then start working towards it. Don’t forget to sharpen your saw along the way though!


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    VERY good advice. I remember back in the very early days when I think you were on Blogger – remember that? I really enjoyed those early posts – especially the ones where you actually crunched the numbers (surprisingly few people seemed to do that at the time). You have come an incredibly long way since then and it brings to mind the old saying “the journey is the reward” – it has become a cliche but it is so true.

    I would add one tip I’ve picked up over the years. When you set a goal, always have something to follow it up with. This way you don’t lose momentum when you hit the goal. I made this mistake most recently with my “pay off the mortgage” goal. I achieved that and then drifted. My goal(s) for 2013 is to improve my health and fitness and quit my job too. I’m going to save completing my book and starting a passive income business for “following up goal” purposes.

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      Hi Tony
      Yes I remember, it was 5 years ago back in the days of large work bonuses and a potential IPO payout (for both of us!) That all stopped about a year later (bloomin’ recession!), and we had to adjust our plan quite a lot. But we kept going. Blogging helped alot . The support and accountability it brings is a wonderful thing – I’d recommend it to everyone.

      I can understand how you drifted this year – I did the same after paying off all my debt – you work so hard towards something, and forget about the next bit.

      Good luck next year – health is the most important thing. I’m sure once you get that back you’ll be ready to attack your financial goals.

      Thank you for your continues support – it means alot

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    I love the post you linked to – and all the comments as well. I do have goals, but not a detailed plan broken down into parts. Love this advice and will be working in it to set some 2013 goals.

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    I love this post! Really good, solid advice for getting where you want to be.

    We too have a “big” goal (move to Hawaii) and we started by choosing a “move by” date. Once we did that, then we were able to set our sell-the-house date, pay-off-debt date(s), and my husband’s retirement date. Other mini-goals have fallen into place as well. It doesn’t always go perfectly or according to plan, but it has helped up keep our eyes on the big prize at the end and stay focused as well as get right back on track.

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      Thanks Laura.
      Learning to accept that things don’t always go to plan is a big one. I’ve realised though that even though this happens if ‘you keep the end prize in mind’ you soon pick back up.
      Can’t wait to see you living in Hawaii :)

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      Long term big goals are scary (and I don’t like to think of how old I’ll be when they’re completed!) but they are also fun to set – it’s good to work towards your dreams :)

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    With my dh’s job not as secure as we thought it was, our BIG goal is to have the mortgage paid off on schedule next year. When we complete that goal I will work on another goal. Down to 40 weeks until we have our mortgage paid off………

    Gill in Canada

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    This is great advice. Perhaps I’m needing a big goal…
    And, I didn’t know Stephen Covey was no longer among us. I’m sad.

  6. Michelle@TheShopMyClosetProject says

    Thank you for this post! I also read the comments as well and can totally relate to what Tony was talking about. I am currently at the beginning stages of some big goals and have been concerned about being overwhelmed and loss of momentum. Will take some time to break these goals into smaller pieces so that I can work steadily towards the results that I am hoping for.

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      Hi Michelle. Big goals can seem so overwhelming, but breaking them down into small parts really helps. Good luck. I can’t wait to see you achieve EVERYTHING you wish for :)

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    I love this post! We’ve been admittedly drifting lately, & need to break our larger goals into smaller, more manageable steps. Thanks for the continual motivation! I love your blog.