Goals for 2014

I’ve been thinking (and thinking) about my goals for 2014, but have finally decided on the following:


+ Reduce our mortgage balance by at least £15,500 (starting balance £73,500)
+ Make (or save from our budget) an extra £2,014 in 2014
+ Succeed in four ‘not buying it’ months


+ Visit at least five London museums
+ Go to New York
+ Go to Cascais, Portugal


+ Fix the box guttering leak
+ Hang a ‘draught stopping’ curtain to the front door
+ Move closer to zero waste (need to define this!)
+ List every item that comes into our home (linked to above)


+ Get a lot fitter (need to define this!)
+ Lose at least 30lbs (and keep it off!)
+ Buy a winter coat

Some of the goals are quite simple (buy a winter coat), but others, like making a list of every item that comes into our home,  may turn into a major project. We shall see!

Have you set goals for 2014 yet?


  1. I like the variety of your goals and look forward to seeing how you define and track them.

  2. Those sound like good goals. I have only defined my savings goals for next year, but hope to have the rest defined shortly. Good luck in 2014! :)

    • Hi Morgaine!
      I find the personal goals a lot harder to set than financial ones. I look forward to reading yours.

  3. Nice list! FOUR not buying months – whew! I think it’s a great idea to track what comes into the house. When I was shopping for the holidays I saw so many things I would have liked for myself but then I thought, “Do I really want to add a pair of fiddlehead earrings to my home inventory?” LOL! I look forward to your museum reports! I’ve seen the Tate Modern, Design Museum, Nat History and V & A.

    • Hi Dar!
      I’m hoping I don’t regret setting that goal, but I feel like a little too much stuff has crept into our home this year. We shall see – it’s going to be a challenge, especially if I go to London a lot more! I’m hoping to hit up 5 free museums – no Design Museum :( – The V&A, Nat History and Tate are all on my list. Culture, not shopping. is my theme for 2014! :)

  4. Love the way you’ve grouped all of your goals!! For now i’m simply working on January… i’ll go from there I think! :)

  5. Love the goals Laura – very, very thoughtful. Still working on mine but I was also thinking of including a “no buying” month – but only one!

    • Thanks Pru! I might regret it, but I really wanted to challenge myself not to buy things next year.
      I look forward to seeing your goals :)

  6. Such brief but clear goals – my draft 2014 goals post is lengthy! Then I add a summer bucket list!? Oh well… I’m tempted to think my goal for 2014 should be brevity, but maybe that’s setting my bar too high?

    I like to set $ goals, health goals, and then nicer ones like fun and social goals, and I really feel obliged to include the career goals, but they are the least interesting to me!

    • Hi Sarah
      I was going lengthy, but the post was taking me ages to write – I took this as a sign to go brief!

      I look forward to reading what you come up with :)

  7. Love the way you set your goals out, Laura. I am definitely joining you on the ‘fitness’ one!

  8. NYC and Cascais are gorgeous places to visit. Cascais is great in the summer especially. Really relaxing. New York is better in the early summer or late spring because if not, the heat is nasty.

    • We tend to go to NY in April or October as the weather is perfect then – the subway is far too unpleasant in the summer! :)

  9. I love how you divided your goals into different areas – I may copy you when I’m writing up mine! A no-spend month would probably be doable for me, but four?! That would be tough for me to manage. Do you already have the four months in mind?

    • I’m thinking January will be one (to seize on the NY momentum!), but I haven’t decided on the others. I’m doing the challenge on personal item spending only – all budgeted costs aren’t affected. So I can buy train tickets, gifts etc, but not a new cushion for our house. Hope that makes sense :)

      I’m looking forward to reading your goals :)

  10. I really like how you’ve set up your goals! I know that you’ll achieve everything that you dream of-2014 here we come!

  11. Love your blog, I’ve been following you for a while. Listing every single item that comes into your home, wow, I would have never thought to do this. It would definitely make us look at what we are buying when we can’t resist those impulse buys. Not sure if I have the discipline to do it. :) I just listed my home goals for 2014 on my blog, trying to finish fixing up this new home I bought this year.

    • Hi Jolie and thank you!
      I’m hoping I can stick to it – it’s a big task! If I can though it’ll be very eye opening I’m sure.

  12. You know I love some goals! Wishing you the best of luck with them, although I know you don’t really need luck , you have hard work and will power on your side.

  13. Great goals! I love the idea of “zero waste” – would love to hear more about that!

    • Hi Rachel!
      We’re a long way from zero waste, but I would like to move a little closer in 2014. My first task is to reduce the amount of stuff entering our home and then go from there.