Goals for 2014

I’ve been thinking (and thinking) about my goals for 2014, but have finally decided on the following:


+ Reduce our mortgage balance by at least £15,500 (starting balance £73,500)
+ Make (or save from our budget) an extra £2,014 in 2014
+ Succeed in four ‘not buying it’ months


+ Visit at least five London museums
+ Go to New York
+ Go to Cascais, Portugal


+ Fix the box guttering leak
+ Hang a ‘draught stopping’ curtain to the front door
+ Move closer to zero waste (need to define this!)
+ List every item that comes into our home (linked to above)


+ Get a lot fitter (need to define this!)
+ Lose at least 30lbs (and keep it off!)
+ Buy a winter coat

Some of the goals are quite simple (buy a winter coat), but others, like making a list of every item that comes into our home,  may turn into a major project. We shall see!

Have you set goals for 2014 yet?

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  1. Nice list! FOUR not buying months – whew! I think it’s a great idea to track what comes into the house. When I was shopping for the holidays I saw so many things I would have liked for myself but then I thought, “Do I really want to add a pair of fiddlehead earrings to my home inventory?” LOL! I look forward to your museum reports! I’ve seen the Tate Modern, Design Museum, Nat History and V & A.

    • Hi Dar!
      I’m hoping I don’t regret setting that goal, but I feel like a little too much stuff has crept into our home this year. We shall see – it’s going to be a challenge, especially if I go to London a lot more! I’m hoping to hit up 5 free museums – no Design Museum :( – The V&A, Nat History and Tate are all on my list. Culture, not shopping. is my theme for 2014! :)

  2. Such brief but clear goals – my draft 2014 goals post is lengthy! Then I add a summer bucket list!? Oh well… I’m tempted to think my goal for 2014 should be brevity, but maybe that’s setting my bar too high?

    I like to set $ goals, health goals, and then nicer ones like fun and social goals, and I really feel obliged to include the career goals, but they are the least interesting to me!

  3. I love how you divided your goals into different areas – I may copy you when I’m writing up mine! A no-spend month would probably be doable for me, but four?! That would be tough for me to manage. Do you already have the four months in mind?

    • I’m thinking January will be one (to seize on the NY momentum!), but I haven’t decided on the others. I’m doing the challenge on personal item spending only – all budgeted costs aren’t affected. So I can buy train tickets, gifts etc, but not a new cushion for our house. Hope that makes sense :)

      I’m looking forward to reading your goals :)

  4. Love your blog, I’ve been following you for a while. Listing every single item that comes into your home, wow, I would have never thought to do this. It would definitely make us look at what we are buying when we can’t resist those impulse buys. Not sure if I have the discipline to do it. :) I just listed my home goals for 2014 on my blog, trying to finish fixing up this new home I bought this year.

  5. You know I love some goals! Wishing you the best of luck with them, although I know you don’t really need luck , you have hard work and will power on your side.

    • Hi Rachel!
      We’re a long way from zero waste, but I would like to move a little closer in 2014. My first task is to reduce the amount of stuff entering our home and then go from there.

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