Get outside! Get walking…..take two!

There’s a huge park and woodland area not too far from where we live, and despite living here for eight years we haven’t been to it!  In fact driving around trying to find the entrance we also discovered a whole plethora of beautiful places we never even knew existed.

Yesterday was one of those real ‘don’t miss what’s right under your nose’ kinda days…with lots of walking! ;)


  1. First gen American says

    I moved to a woodsy area about 15 years ago and one of the first things I bought was a hiking guide for the area. It was a great investment and there are loads of walks for all ability levels that I would have never found otherwise. We did the same when we got our canoe. Plus, its fun to tick off new places visited in the book and make notes in the margins.

    • says

      A hiking guide is a good idea Sandy – something that would never even cross my (non walker) mind! I am trying to change my mindset though :)