Get outside! Get walking!

I loved this potential 2013 goal suggestion from An Exacting Life: I would go for a fitness goal like “walk every day it isn’t raining” and maybe increase walking time over the course of the year? Since you are in the UK, the “days without rain” rule should give you an out 50% of the time, LOL!

What a good idea, and one that I’ve already starting to adhere to.

(avoiding the rain on today’s walk)

It makes me a little sad how difficult it is to motivate myself for exercise these days. As a teenager, and young adult, I was so fit, but it was through playing team sports (hockey). Being in a team motivated me to get moving, going out for a walk on my own does not. <——— BIG Excuse. I have friends (and hubby) I can walk with, I just need to organise it.

I dug out an old photo of myself last week. The only one I have left of me that’s not in a wedding album. I kept it because I weighed about 150lbs when it was taken – September 2002. I think 10 years of trying to get back to 150 is long enough don’t you? :)


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    Hi! My hubby is having the same problem having just given up the gym and started to work from home. We have a protected walking route outside our house with regular dog walkers and ramblers passing by but it is very tempting to just watch them from inside, rather than join them. We have been going for short walks together but not as much as we would like to. I always find it hard to get motivated to exercise at this time of year, so well done on getting out there today!

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      Thanks Claire! I’m trying to create a walking ‘habit’ so once the time to walk (2pm) is here I just put on my coat and shoes and go outside without thinking. Hopefully it’ll work! ;)

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    Is there an area of the UK where it only rains 50% of the time? Pretty sure we are oerating on about 80% here.
    Get out there (in your wet weather gear)!

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    Here’s my own opinion: walking is good, but not good enough. You need to RUN. Sprint. Sweat like crazy for an hour or more.

    I’ve noticed in my own life that when my standard routine includes exercises that really push me hard, the weight comes off (and stays off) significantly faster than when I do light to moderate exercise like walking or hiking.

    Maybe look into joining some team sports again? Surely there are some former hockey players around your age that wouldn’t mind playing a casual game once a week?

    I tend to ride my bicycle to work about 3 times per week on average, year round. That’s at least 30 minutes each way of good solid work (since I make it a point to ride as fast as I can within the context of being safe in traffic). There are a few mighty hills on the route which help increase the difficulty level. It’s free and effective, and works in any weather.

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      Hi Exe
      Running is not allowed – I had a horrible case of hip bursitis last year and it flaring back up would be a nightmare! But I take your point I need to sweat!

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    It makes me happy that works for you :) I find that once I’ve been walking regularly for a while, I feel more fit and I’m more ready to take on another exercise goal. But no rush; first things first!

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    This is a great idea, especially since the rain has settled in here in the NW. The last couple of non-rain days have been intensely busy ones with no time for a walk, but today is lovely and I will be heading out shortly!

    It is so much work now to lose weight, but I am determined to get back to where I should be, for my health’s sake. I’ve kept this excess on for far too long too. Hang in there Laura, it can and will come off.

    And I wish I could do more than walk, but thanks to a catastrophic knee injury several years ago, I am grateful to be able to walk. I could ride a bike, but the damage from a fall or other accident is a risk I’m not willing to take any more.

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      I’m the same, I have to be so careful with my back and hip/leg. The bursitis returning (and the sleepless nights) is not something I want!

  6. Michelle@TheShopMyClosetProject says

    I bought a tiny stair climber for $40 and use it at the painful time of 5:15 am. I try to walk for 45 minutes before going to work. I also bought a pedometer to make sure that I am walking 10,000 steps a day. Btw, I am NOT a morning person! Keep these posts coming I always find them inspiring :)

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      Hi Michelle
      I’m wondering if I should buy some sort of exercise gadget for the home….it seems more appealing than walking in the cold!!

      Well done on getting up at 5.15 am…that’s early if you’re not a morning person :)

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    What about setting goals for the minutes of cardio you’ll do for the month/year? I found it super motivating, & it gave me an incentive to run/walk/bike, whatever for the extra five or ten minutes, rather than cutting it as short as possible. ;-)