Frugal habits I’ve gained so far

This recent post by Kelly at Almost Frugal got me thinking about the frugal things I do……….so far; there’s still much to learn :-)

  • Line or air dry everything
  • Don’t use the dishwasher – lowering electricity bill
  • Use heating sparingly during winter – blankets and jumpers
  • Use one light  {CFL} – one room
  • Use oven to make 3 to 4  meals at a time
  • Shower/cook in the dark (avoid using spotlights)
  • Take short showers and don’t use the bath
  • Put wet towels outside after shower to reduce washing
  • Switch off electrical items at the plugs
  • Use ¼ amount of washing powder
  • Use vinegar/baking soda for all cleaning
  • Take pack ups to work
  • Don’t buy bottled water – use flasks
  • Pay bills by direct debit to get discount
  • Use a cash back credit card and pay off every month
  • Don’t buy gadgets
  • Don’t have a cell phone contract – use £2 max a month
  • Maximise clubcard points
  • Eat out with vouchers from clubcard points
  • Get magazine subscriptions through tesco deals for free
  • Save envelopes from mailing and reuse with a sticker
  • Keep scrap paper and make into mini notebooks
  • Menu plan
  • Eat vegetarian at least 2 times a week/usually more
  • Bulk buy loo rolls etc when on offer
  • Use a price book
  • Cook from scratch and don’t buy ready meals
  • Bulk out meat with beans
  • Cut hubby’s hair with clippers
  • Use microfibre clothes instead of paper towels

There’s still major room for improvement, like using the library {more} and baking bread, but I’m getting there.

What other things would be on your list?

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  1. says

    This is probably a lot more than most people do so congrats for that!
    I do quite a few of the items on the list or variations of them. Additions on my list would be:
    Don’t buy kitchen roll – use washable cloths/napkins
    Buy few new clothes etc – scour the charity shops
    Make do and mend – repair clothes etc that have plenty of wear left
    Use up garden produce (not let it rot in the ground or get eaten by caterpillars)
    Don’t buy shop cake (manage this most of the time but would also like to apply to biscuits/snacks which I only manage about half of the time)

    • says

      Teresa: Thank you – I forgot about paper products and cutting dh’s hair.

      I really need to get my biscuit/cake making off the ground

  2. Voucher Mum says

    Hi Laura – This is impressive! I have two questions if you have time…can you tell more about what a price book is and do you know how much you’ve saved on your energy bills with all these habits? I imagine all these small steps really add up.

    • says

      Voucher Mum: gas/electric was £121 a month now £88, saving of £396 a year – I’m trying to get it down even further in the next 12 months.

      A price book – a list of most of the products I buy and the cost per say 100g at four supermarkets; this way I know what’s a good offer or not.
      For example, dh likes to eat a few seedless raisins every day in his lunch: Aldi 99p per 500g, Tesco £1.36, Asda £1.00 – Asda have them on 2 for £1.50 this week (75p per 500g) so I stock up.

      HTH: I’ll do a post on this next week :-)

  3. says

    I admire your ability to stick to your guns… I begin again every month with good intentions but never quite manage to achieve my goals… well some of my goals have been achieved – on a personal level, but it is so much harder to take a family along with you, especially when they are resistant to your ideas in the first place! My husband and I are planning on moving to Portugal in three years time -that’s when hubby can afford to retire… Have very much enjoyed reading your posts – will pop back regularly from now on.

  4. says

    Wow, that is an impressive list, and some very original ideas (esp. the reuse the envelopes!). I reuse envelopes too, but instead of using them to remail out letters, I use the back sides of them for stock research and for brainstorming blog post ideas…

    Kudos to you :)