February 2014 Goals

First let’s see how I did in January…..

January Mini Goals:

+ Track my calories. Exercise at least 23 times. Kick start my weight loss plan.
I tracked 25/31 days, exercised 16 times and lost a total of 4lbs. 3lbs of that was holiday weight that I lost early in the month and so total weight lost towards my 2014 goal is 1lb/30lbs. It’s a start! :)

+ Achieve a 46% (of net income) savings rate
This gets a little complicated as we added gift money into the mix in January so we either saved 44% or 47% of our net income.

+ List every item that comes into our home
Yes! Post to come next week!

+ Blitz clean (and de-clutter if needed) at least two rooms
Yes! Linked to goal above!

+ Make (or save from budget) at least £150
No. Total fail. I made £18.07 extra income in January.

February Mini Goals:
+ Lose 3lbs & record all calories eaten 28/28
+ Read 3 Books (all from the library) and continue my unofficial book buying freeze!
+ List every item that enters the house
+ Complete a ‘Not Buying It’ month*
+ Stick to our £200 grocery budget

*A ‘Not Buying It’ month means no retail therapy – I can buy food or pay for train fares if I’m in London, but I can’t do any shopping!

 Are you setting mini goals for February? How did you do in January?


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    What, no shopping in London – and reduced food intake too? I’d be interested to hear your strategies for that! Museums? Photography?

    Bravo on your health successes! That’s a good start to the year.

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      I know! lol! I’m thinking The Natural History Museum and a lot of sightseeing!

      Thanks Dar! I struggled to diet last year – one bad day would result in the end of healthy eating for days/weeks. This didn’t happen in January.

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    16 days of exercise is excellent! I bet you’re feeling great! Good luck with Not Buying It – I have a (dreaded) dentist appointment coming up and I always treat myself to a small shopping trip afterwards. :)

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    No shopping in London – are you going with a blindfold?? I think you have done well despite not reaching your target for the making / saving. You have set targets which is the first step to meeting them – a month is very short to track so many things so don’t be hard on yourself.

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      It’s going to hard lol….I’m not even 100% sure I can do it…fun to try though….I think!!
      I didn’t really try to make any extra money in January – the eBay listing didn’t happen. Must do it in Feb!

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    Good goals – very achievable. I’m avoiding retail stores too but I do need black trousers so I increased my planned spending to accommodate that purchase. Other than that, I don’t see anything I need ~ Pru

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    Arrgh! When I’m commenting on my phone it isn’t coming through. I think the fault is my end though – the phone is freezing up. Exercising 16 days is terrific (especially in the middle of winter!) I have never worked out our “% of net income” saved…yours seems like a remarkably high rate of savings! When you work it out, do you include retirement savings + overpayments on mortgage in “savings?”

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    I did pretty good with my January goals but it just seemed that the month dragged on and on which was good to accomplish some of the things on my list but bad for my budget as I kept spending and spending :(

    I am definitely giving myself much tougher goals in February because I overspent in January and February is a shorter month, should be at least somewhat easier to stick to harder goals for a shorter period of time :)

    Good luck with your February goals! :)

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    You can almost feel the energy in this post. I did a good purge over the Xmas holidays. It was mostly toys but a much needed purge, nonetheless. Thankfully my boys were okay with parting with many of their playthings. I need to do a clothes purge next. I have way too many ill fitting things. You know, when that jumper gets a little too short because it shrunk in the wash but then you haven’t another to replace it? Life’s too short for unflattering clothing.

    January was absolutely frigid here and I wanted to do nothing but curl up, read and eat comfort food. Not a good month for my hips.

    I’m spending a lot trying to get my place more habitable. It’s a necessary evil at this stage of our home journey. I only wish there were a faster way to insulate our home than gutting room by room…but it makes no sense blowing it in, when the walls are crumbling and have to come down anyway.

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      I can only imagine how cold it is in your place of the world – it must be hard to get motivated to do anything!
      When we did our place I wish we’d taken it room by room – but we tried to do too much all in one go. How long do you think it’s going to take you to finish the whole house?

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    This is a great time of year to accomplish the goals/tasks you posted. My goals are similar: purge the detritus, then purge some more, home improvement projects, jump start fitness-again! Am training for a 1/2 marathon in May. Starting my side business and hopefully changing my job. I can’t believe it but there was a job that I am totally qualified for in downtown Denver. It has been posted for the past 2 weeks but I know that hiring for this type of position has a lot of protocols attached to it. I have a very, very good chance of getting it if the department has identified a candidate yet. If I get this job it would save me 20 hours a week in commuting time. I could exercise, date, and work on my business. I am really, really hopeful. We’ll see what happens.

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    Where you the Laura that added me to MyFitnessPal? I hope so. I’m in such a rhythm of tracking calories, so we can encourage each other along! I love the ‘if everyday was like this, you’d weigh #kgs in 5 weeks time’ – it can be so motivating! AND it also picks up my calories brunt from workouts (using RunKeeper). I’m just a little tech nerd now, with all these gadgets!

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      Hi Sarah – yes it’s me! I left a comment on the feed today – I’m still working out how to do it!
      Yes I love that too, it’s very motivating.
      I use Endomondo to track my walking and have it linked to my FitPal account.