Not being myself


I’m not one for self analysis (I’m a much more of a ‘let’s get on with it’ person), but this year, I’m very aware that I haven’t been my normal self.  A few things have happened, and all of them have caused me to lose focus in one way or another. I’m not complaining – I have a wonderful life – I just wanted to offer some small explanation for my erratic posting over here, and to let you know (if anyone is still reading) that I’m very much trying to get back on track.

And by on track I mean getting my focus back on my goals and ignoring the distractions.

So, a list of our ongoing goals and priorities:

+ Pay off our mortgage
+ Finish our house repairs
+ Downsize our home
+ Continue to simplify our surroundings and eliminate our stuff
+ Achieve Financial Freedom/Independence
+ Live in Portugal (yes, that’s definitely back on the table!)

Let’s do this!