Dining Room + Office Update (Part One)

It feels like this room has been in the ‘updating’ stage for about 12 months….it probably has…but we’re nearly there now!

Dining Room

Ha at the office! It’s really the dining room + the room where the pc lives! I could add shelving in the corner to make it a little more office-y, but it wouldn’t fit in with the simple. minimalist theme I’m aiming for.

Shelving Dining Room

I’m so pleased with the woodwork – what a difference bright white paint makes!

Dining Room - Bookshelf

How the corner looked last year ^

Still to do:
+ Clean the floors
+ Clean the windows
+ Hang pictures x 2
+ Buy a rug, light shade and dining chairs
+ Put (nearly) everything back on the shelves

 My Pinterest DiningRoom/Office inspiration board

Yay for finishing a project!

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House Snagging List (2014)

Snagging List

It’s taken me a long (long) time to realise it, but it’s nearly impossible to be 100% done when it comes to home repairs! You can get close, but then something else always crops up…..something to keep in mind when planning our retirement expenditure!

Here’s our current to-do list:

+ Glue shutter strip back on
+ Replace radiator thermostat dial (it fell off?!)
+ Add curtain to front door
+ Fix light fitting (Dining room)
+ Add door rain guard (Side door)
+ Hang hooks (Porch)
+ Replace fence panels x 2 (they broke in the recent storm)
+ Fix garden gate
+ Paint all garden fence panels
+ Cement wall post back on (5 years and counting!)
+ Repair guttering (being done today – yay!)
+ Re-plaster wall (Landing)
+ Re-place whole bathroom*
+ Paint downstairs (I’m half way)

*Not snagging as such, but it’s on the list to do when the mortgage is paid off.

Some of these items are quite easy to do – others not so much, and we’ll get a local handy man to do these.

Do you keep an ongoing snagging list?

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