Paperwork Storage and Organising

I had to succumb and get someone in to do a little plastering (parts of the wall damage are outside of my repair capability), and while he’s here, he’s also going to paint the woodwork……which is great as it’ll look much better done by a professional, but it does mean that for today, I’m confined to the living room.

So, prompted by a post I read on Viv’s site (Where The Journey Takes Me) earlier today, I’m going to do a little paper organising to pass the time.

We store all of our paper work in this (very popular) Ikea Cabinet pictured below.

Ikea Cabinet

The cabinet is currently sitting in our living room because of the downstairs decoration taking place – I might leave it there as I like it in this bay!

Here’s what the current organisation looks like inside the cabinet:

ikea cabinet open

It’s a little dark in the photo, but on the top shelf (l-r): travel box (maps, travel journal etc), car sat nav, hair clippers, assorted small boxes (phone etc). a box containing our current paperwork and a box containing stuff relating to the kids.

On the bottom shelf is (l-r): our fire safe, M’s Portuguese lesson stuff, 3 paperwork file boxes (house, M’s work and guarantees), and the pink box is all miscellaneous wedding related stuff – which badly needs a sort!

By the end of today I’m hoping to have reduced the amount of file boxes, have a plan for the wedding stuff and have a pile of papers ready to scan (and then shred).

I’m not sure how minimalist I can go with paperwork as I’ve tried and failed with this before, but I’m at least hoping to reduce it somewhat.