March 2014 Mini Goals

March Mini Goals

March Mini Goals:
+ Seek out and buy an outfit for an April wedding
+ Continue to lose weight! Goal 5lbs!
+ Stay within our £200 grocery budget
+ Reduce the mortgage below £70k!
+ Finish the downstairs painting
+ Get the fence fixed!
+ Go to The Natural History Museum, London
+ Finish reading Divergent

How did I do in February?

+ Lose 3lbs & record all calories eaten 28/28 – Fail!
+ Read 3 Books (all from the library) and continue my unofficial book buying freeze! Fail! I finished the books but forgot that I was on a spending freeze and bought 3 Kindle books!
+ List every item that enters the house – Yes! List coming soon!
+ Complete a ‘Not Buying It’ month* – Nearly! Do e-reader books counts ;)
+ Stick to our £200 grocery budget – missed budget by £1.53 so I’m calling this a win!

Are you setting any mini goals this month? How did you do in February?

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