Book Reading in 2011

Book Reading in 2011

This is the first follow up post to: Enough for now.  My attempt at finishing what I’ve started in 2011.

I’m starting with the easiest of my current goals which is to read 12 non-fiction books in 2011.  I didn’t start the new year with a list of books, it’s just sort of evolved as the months have gone by.

To date I’m on track having read 7 books already, the other 5 are either on my saved list at the library or on my wish list.

The 12 titles;

  1. Radical Homemakers – Shannon Hayes
  2. Possum Living – Dolly Freed
  3. Early Retirement Extreme – Jacob Lund Fisker
  4. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle – Barbara Kingsolver
  5. Brilliant Investing – Martin Bamford
  6. Food Rules – Michael Pollan
  7. Your Mortgage and How To Pay It Off in 5 Years – Anita Bell
  8. Enough – John Naish
  9. In Defence of Food – Michael Pollan
  10. Free – Katharine Hibbert
  11. The Moneyless Man – Mark Boyle (Currently reading)
  12. How To Give Up Shopping – Neradine Tisay


I also have a couple of fiction books that I’d like to read; the first Harry Potter book, which Caroline and I have pledged to read in August (yes we’re about ten years behind on this!) and Water For Elephants, but apart from that I’m not adding anything else to the list.  Remember my the theme for the rest of 2011 is: finish what you started!

What are you currently reading?  Do you have a reading list?

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  1. says

    Well done! I am desperately slack on reading non-fiction :/ too much like work ;)

    I am intrigued to know what you thought of “Pay off your mortgage in 5 years” – I’ve been looking again at paying off mine a little faster if I possibly can; whilst I think 5 years is perhaps a bit impossible I don’t suppose it hurts to entertain the idea…! I’m going to go look the book up on amazon and see if it warrants a read.

    Hope you enjoy Harry Potter – I didn’t read the books until round about the time the last one came out. It was great because there was no wait and I could just power through them all. Though for a while it was fun being one of the few people who hadn’t read any of them!

  2. says

    Hi Rachel
    The book is a little Aussie centric but if you’re anything like me I still like to read anything about paying down mortgages early. I happily send it to you if you like just email your address :)

  3. says

    I love your theme for the year!

    Just read The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen. EXCELLENT!!! One of my top 10 favorites now. Currently reading Adrenal Fatigue by Dr. James Wilson and Everyone Communicates Few Connect by John Maxwell. I do have a reading list, a whole shelf of books in the “to read” category…and I seem to add to it faster than I read thru them. It would take a long time to list them all, but I can if you are seriously interested. ;)

    • says

      @Misty I know what you mean about reading lists! I once had a huge list but deleted it because I knew that it would take me years to read all the books. Perhaps in the the new year we should all discuss ‘our must read books’ and gather a reading list.

  4. says

    I’ve also set myself a goal to read 40 books this year. Well I am half way now, but to be honest I have not done well this month!!

    Harry Potter I queued to get these as they were released and read them straight away. Then I re-read them when my Little Miss was a baby.


    • says

      @Clare 40 books sounds like something I may do in 2012…I’ll see. I want to read more, I just don’t seem to get around to it.

  5. says

    I am a non-fiction book junkie and have a ridiculous amount of reading time available due to my daily commute. I have an on-going list that morphs. Sometimes, I think my blog is slowly turning into a hippie book review site. :P ANYWAY–did you like Possum Living? It used to be available for free via the ‘net, but I didn’t read it before it was yanked (due to the reprint). What did you think of it?

    • says

      @consciously frugal I liked it in the main (I skipped the animal chapter) A lot of the practises in the book are well know now…..if I had read it back in the day, oh how different my life would have been! It’s unbelievable that it was written by Dolly when she was so young!

  6. says

    Do you have a favorite so far?

    I’ve been trying to make it through Mrs. Dalloway. Not getting very far. 1920’s English is proving to be difficult to adjust to. I need a long plane ride in my future so I can find the time to push through.

    • says

      @Lindy Animal, Vegetable, Miracle is by far my favourite. Barbara Kingsolver has such a great writing style. I loved it.

      Mrs D was on my list last year..still not read it!

  7. says

    You haven’t read Harry Potter yet? Oh I am SO JEALOUS. I wish I could read them all again for the first time! The first books are quite different to the later ones so if it seems a bit too much like a kids book read on…you won’t be disappointed. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

  8. Carla says

    I’m reading “Money CAN buy you happiness: How to spend to get the life you want!”. So far it’s pretty good! I have a few more books in my book basket that I’ll be posting about soon… :)

  9. says

    I borrowed Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, 2 days ago with a whole lot of other super interesting looking books. Still need some time to read it. I currently have 6 books or so on the go…

    Your Mortgage and How To Pay It Off in 5 Years by Anita Bell was a recent giveaway on my blog. I’ve read it twice and it helped me get started on my frugal discovery. For hard core fruglistas there’s not much new stuff to learn – BUT it does inspire to keep on track. And Anita reads like a friend. She’s written heaps of books and luckily for me they’re all in the op shops as she’s popular here in Oz. I want to read Kids and their money by Anita. I never had any money education from school or family and want to make sure my daughter has some financial literacy to make better choices then I did.

    • says

      HI Stephanie It was your giveaway that introduced me to the book (thank you) It was quite Aussie centric but I did enjoy it.