A clothing wish list

You know that moment when you get invited out somewhere really nice, and most of your clothing has seen better days……..that’s perhaps the time to buy a couple of new items. 

Being me though, before you go shopping you have to empty out all of your wardrobe and do a full assessment – I’m now incapable of clothes shopping without knowing where I’m going, and exactly what I’m buying.  I may also have to sleep in a different bed, as the clothes still haven’t gone back (and don’t look like doing either!).



*Currently (too) obsessed with the Camera+ app on my phone*

 My list: (Pinterest)

  • Dark Rinse Boot Cut jeans £20
  • Black Wedge Boots £32
  • Sequin Slouchy Jumper £35
  • Underwear £10
  • Super Soft Charcoal V Neck Jumper £19.95 (Reduced to £13.96)

Mission accomplished.

Now I just need to finish my wardrobe edit…..


    • Laura says

      Thanks Janine! I love shopping for handbags/purses but not for clothes so a ‘hit list’ really works for me.

  1. says

    I have to do the same thing, as we are going to dh’s work psrty in December and I DO NOT want to buy anything for it, so will go through our closet and see what I can find that still fits!!!


    • Laura says

      This happens to me every year – I have an eek ‘christmas party clothes moment!’

      Hope you find something Gill!