A calm holiday season

Christmas tree

It seems to me the benefits of living a simple life really come into play over the holiday season.

Every year the build up gets less stressful.

Every year the focus moves further towards family, not gifts.

I hope it continues.


  1. says

    Completely agree! Now, if everyone in my house would finally all get well again at the same time, we would really be able to enjoy the time together. Fingers crossed for next week, I’ll have a healthy household again!

  2. says

    Hi Laura. Feeling quite excited as I finished work today for the holidays. Whoop, whoop! (I don’t sound very calm do I?) What I’m looking forward to most is being at home with my family.
    I feel like my life has become simpler and less stressful over the last year… but I still have a long way to go. I hope that I, like you describe, will see this consolidate year by year. Here’s to the simple life xo

    • says

      It definitely gets better every year. I quit f/t work three years ago, had 18 months off and now work an average 25 hours a week. This amount of hours seems to give me a perfect work/life balance.

      I have 3 more shifts to do, but then almost have a week off :)

  3. Mizé says

    Came by to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)
    I totally agree – less gifts, less stress, more family time. This year I have my daughter with me for Christmas :)
    Wish you all the best for your 2013 goals.
    My Best Regards xx