2014 Decluttering (February)

Decluttering FebruaryIn 2014 I’m keeping a list of everything that either enters, or leaves our home. I’m splitting the post up this month as I did quite a bit of decluttering!

De-Cluttered in February:

+ A huge amount of screws, nuts etc
+ 8 Bolts
+ 10 Screw Drivers
+ 2 Pairs Stanley Scissors (!)
+ One pair of broken safety glasses
+ 24 Allen/Hex keys!
+ One (broken) Pizza Cutter
+ An old pot of glue
+ One Ikea picture wire
+ 30 (Plastic) Golf Tees
+ 15 Golf Balls
+ 1 Golf Ball Bag
+ 2 Plastic Mini Lights
+ 1 Old Aerosol Paint Can
+ 1 pair of Jeans
+ 1 can of Brasso

There are some things on this list that make me go urgh! The plastic mini lights/torches for example. Cheap plastic rubbish with 3, (yes 3), batteries inside!

As you can tell I tackled the place where we keep a lot of random stuff: the cupboard under our stairs. It’s been organised before, but I didn’t really get into sorting out the hardware. And I wish I had as one tin contained 34 Hex Keys!

I kept a few items to sell on at a car boot sale, the rest has either been thrown away or recycled.

Are you tackling any decluttering projects in 2014?

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  1. says

    I am decluttering and so far so good. Like you giving some things away and selling some things. I can’t see the point in moving things we don’t use to the new house.

  2. says

    That’s just a few hex keys!! I love a good tidy of the ‘odds and sods’ drawer, been a while since I’ve done my hardware drawer. I have a small jar for odd screws, other than the packs I’ve had to buy. Now I rent, they sit doing nothing, but they will have a use again one day!

    It’s the broken or useless things I hate decluttering, I hate making landfill, but there’s no reason to clutter up my life either!!

    • says

      I hate creating landfill too, but I’m trying to be more purposeful in everything I buy these days! I think this is 30 years of hex keys (and flat pack furniture buying!) :)