2012 Goals: Losing Weight…

salmon on the grill

…or not as the case maybe!

Confession time: My weight hasn’t changed since the beginning of the year.

I’m not gaining, which is probably down to my increased activity over the last few months, but I’m not losing either. And so it’s time for a re-start. One of my problems is that I think far too long term about weight loss (and everything else!), which makes it seem like a huge task. For me it would be far better to just concentrate on a day, or perhaps even a week at a time.

And so with a lot of little trepidation I’m moving my weight loss/getting healthy campaign onto this site for the accountability. Yikes! I have a long journey ahead of me – I still can’t go a whole day without eating a bag of crisps! – but nothing ventured and all that :)

Target #1

My first target (starting today), will be to record a WHOLE seven days of calories. Much like paying off my debt, where a spending diary highlighted just where I was over spending, a calorie diary should highlight where I’m over eating.

The food:

In preparation for my new start I went grocery shopping this morning and tried to fill the trolley with as many healthy, unprocessed food items as I could. Happily I (somehow!) avoided the cake and crisps aisle.

I’m keeping my eating plan fairly simple. Breakfasts will be porridge or bran flakes and toast. Lunches will be tuna salad, soup or sandwiches depending on where I am. Dinners will be as per my menu plan – tonight it’s salmon. For snacks I’m sticking to fruit and for drinks, it’s water or water. Apart from two cups of coffee in the morning I only ever drink water these days. See there’s progress, no more wine or gin! ;)

I’ll be back later in the week with my progress (hoping there is some?!)

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  1. says

    I am on the water as well! It keeps me out of the kitchen at work so I don’t have to pass the table with the Treats / Birthday Buns etc (September is heavy on Birthdays!) I have actually stuck with it and it has become quite normal now – my colleagues are a bit mystified but no longer ask me if I want a cuppa. On really cold days I might have a Ginger Tea though. My apple for a snack is still going well too and I have found the will power not to indulge in all the choccy biscuits etc I haven’t managed to post my update yet as things are busy here at the moment – daughter and partner still ‘almost’ moving out and I am lending a hand to help re-organise their own house for them to move back into then I can really focus on my plan. Good luck for this week and I will look forward to the update.

    • says

      Drinking water has totally stopped me drinking fizzy pop etc – I find it far too sweet now – which is a good thing.
      Cakes at work are a problem for me too…..chocolate too. Today someone gave us a box of Celebrations! It’s hard to avoid when it’s right under your nose!

      Well done you for sticking to an apple a day.

      Thank you for the support, it really helps :)

  2. Libby says

    Oh you are a very brave woman indeed! Posting all of your calories on this site. Sending you lots of good wishes.

    I’ve lost 22 pounds this year! I lost half of that very quickly when I stopped eating sugar all together. Yes the first few days were really hard then it got much easier. Unfortunately I fell off the wagon after five weeks and haven’t been able to do it again. I still have a looooong way to go : (

    • says

      Hi Libby!

      I’ll probably just post the amounts of calories,,,my food diaries are so boring – I seem to eat the same food all the time!

      Well done on losing 22lbs – it’s not easy to keep going is it?

      I still have a long way to go too…we should support each other :)

  3. says

    Try this book by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Eat to Live. It’s about more than just losing weight, it’s about your health and avoiding preventable diseases, think diabetes, no one wants to get that!
    Beans are really good for you, veggies, veggies, veggies, it’s hard to eat lots of calories of veggies. Greek yogurt is good, filling, low cal and full of protein to make you feel full. Keep the cheese in check, lots of calories. If you figure the calories in check and keep track, it’s all just math. I have a easier time recording calories that tracking my spending, I don’t know why that is?!? I still have a glass of wine at night, but I keep it to one small measured glass, that the calories figure into my day plan. Keep us posted, you can do it!

    • says

      Hi and thank you for the advice and support.

      I’m trying to eat lots of veggies, fruit, yogurt etc….Cheese isn’t a problem as I can’t stand it!
      I’m brilliant at recording my spending,not so much my calories..we’re opposites :)

      I’m very susceptible to diabetes (blood sugar too high) so I really need to address my diet.