I read Leo’s poston Zen Habits last week and knew instantly what I had to do.

I’ve been on a simplifying journey since 2005 and in that time I’ve had three children leave the nest, re-married, renovated a home, left my soul destroying job, paid off a considerable amount of debt (consumer & mortgage) and de-cluttered more items than I care to think about!

I’ve also been trying to run two blogs.

And it’s time to simplify this. I’ve taken the sad decision to cease posting over here at Move to Portugal. It’s not an easy decision to make, but I make it knowing that a lot of you are so brilliant that you follow my ramblings on my other site (and hope you’ll continue to do so :) )

I don’t really know how I can ever say a big enough thank-you to you all for the comments, emails, link love and continued support over the years – you’ve all kept me going on this fun roller coaster journey, and for that I’m very grateful.

Wardrobe Interiors

The apartment doesn’t give us a lot of room for wardrobes, but I managed to fit one in each bedroom with the help of the Ikea Pax system.

Bedroom #2. Main clothing wardrobe for both of us with (not yet added) high gloss white sliding doors

Main wardrobe

Clothing + linens (top shelf) added (+ a view of my untidy desk!) The shelves are very deep and I can fit my (2) handbags at the back of a shelf. Most of my clothes are folded. There’s 75cm of hanging space for M’s work shirts and suits + my (2) coats and (4) trousers. Then we have two baskets each for underwear.


Bedroom #1 – The golf and luggage wardrobe!

We needed a space to store M’s golf clubs, golf clothing and luggage and a wardrobe seemed the easiest solution. The large suitcase contains another cabin suitcase + all of our travel items. I also slipped the ironing board in here!


Mirrored doors to save space

Wardrobe Mirror

I hope you don’t mind me sharing everything as I go along. It’s really helping my thought process as we continue to adapt to our much smaller home.

Living Area (Before Decoration)

A few photos of  how we’ve set up our new living space using our old furniture .The sofa’s are probably too big for such a small apartment, but we tried to make them work.

Usual disclaimer: please ignore my bad photography skills!

Living Area

^Books and DVD’s are stored in the wooden cupboard + our old bedroom curtains are used at the window^

Living Area


^ the new home for my large books^

Inside the cupboard


There’s a small(ish) to do list for this room, but it’s probably going to be one of the last area’s we tackle.

  • Change light fittings
  • Paint all
  • Change flooring
  • Hang small amount of shelving
  • Hang pictures

My progress on reducing our paper mountain:
I have four boxes/files of paperwork left. Only three of them belong to us as I keep a few important bits and pieces for the children (!!) in the fourth.

-Box 1 contains everything relating to our flat purchase (possibly a whole tree of paper!)
-Box 2 contains pension and tax stuff.
-Box 3 contains all other household stuff. I could probably half the amount of items in this box, so that will be a future to do.